Life Saver

Weird stuff has happened to Delilah. She has been getting in more and more danger every day. She has almost been killed by an moving train but, she has been saved. She have almost been hit by an moving car but, she has been saved. Who is mystery guy that keeps saving her? When she finds out who he is, will they fall in love? Or will the forbidden happen?


2. The walk

                                                      Delilah's POV.

"Delilah!" my brother exclaimed.

    "Yea?" I asked politely leaning against my door frame with a small smile.

      His shirt was off as he walked over to me. He gave me a confused look and sighed. "Why are you being so nice?"

     "Why can't I be nice to my brother?" I asked trying not to laugh.

      "You're scaring me, sis. Me and you both know that you're not going to be nice to me anytime soon."

       "You're right Will, I still hate you." 

        He rolled his eyes with a small smile. "I love you!" He exclaimed running in the kitchen.

       "Ha, love you too!" I called back shutting my door.

        Me and my brother have that type of relationship. The only thing I don't like about my brother is that he gets super protective when I get a boyfriend. He's only two years older than me. I'm sixteen while he's eighteen. 

        I don't know how happy I am that it is summer. No more exams and no more homework. I get to sleep as late as I want to. I have like a summer schedule. On Mondays I stay home and do nothing. On Tuesdays I work at 'Johnny's Bakery'. On Wednesday's I literally take random walks in my neighborhood with my earphones plugged in. On Thursdays I babysit my little brother while my parent's go out (Yea, they go out every Thursday). Will goes out and play football with his friends on that day. I don't mind babysitting Hailer but, the kid is three and thinks that every little thing is funny. The worst thing is that my parents stay out till late so when Will gets back we have to babysit Hailer together. Friday is like a movie night. We either go to the theaters or stay home and watch a movie as a family. On Saturdays I hang out with my best friend, Casey. On Sunday's I go to church.

    Today just so happens to be Wednesday. I slipped on my boots and let my hair slip casually pass my shoulders while I grabbed my earphones that were on my dresser. "Mom! Dad! I'm going out to walk!"


Once I walk out of the house I will see Casey's house next door. Along with my other creepy neighbor that barely comes out of his house but, when he does he's always on the porch with a mug of coffee in his hand. The weird thing is sometimes when I'm outside I felt like he was watching me. He was a young and good-looking guy but, he was just really creepy. Today he wasn't home.

    I started walking as I cranked my music up. I walked pass Casey's house. Casey wasn't home, she usually go out and visits her boyfriend on Wednesdays.  

    I jogged a little ways and stopped at the train tracks. I smiled. I would always sit down at exactly this time and wait for the train to go by. 

    I walked a little closer to it and was about to sit down but, before I even made another move, I felt someone push me in the tracks. I heard a horn and tried to move out of the way but, the train was going to fast. It was going to hit me but, I felt arms wrap around me pushing me out of the way.

    I looked up but, saw no one as I glanced beside me, I saw a guy in a black hoodie walking away.


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