Life Saver

Weird stuff has happened to Delilah. She has been getting in more and more danger every day. She has almost been killed by an moving train but, she has been saved. She have almost been hit by an moving car but, she has been saved. Who is mystery guy that keeps saving her? When she finds out who he is, will they fall in love? Or will the forbidden happen?


1. Prologue


"I don't care what my family thinks anymore," I said holding up my nose in the air. I had a tear struck face. 

    He walked up to me slowly taking my face in both of his hands. He turned my head towards him and he smiled. "My only job is to protect you. I can't let you fall for me. Ok?"

    I shook my head. I already fell for him. I took his hand in mine. "I want to be with you."

   "Delilah, I can't-" He sighed. "But, I really want to," he bent down and pressed his lips to mine. 

    I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back slowly. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. "What we have is forbidden," I muttered. "I like it," I murmured in his hair.


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