Life Saver

Weird stuff has happened to Delilah. She has been getting in more and more danger every day. She has almost been killed by an moving train but, she has been saved. She have almost been hit by an moving car but, she has been saved. Who is mystery guy that keeps saving her? When she finds out who he is, will they fall in love? Or will the forbidden happen?


6. It's him!

There was another knock on the door and I got confused.

    I suddenly heard footsteps and when I heard my brothers voice, I knew I was safe, "Delilah, are you ok? Where are you?"

    I moved the chair out of the way and unlocked the door. I opened the door only to see my brother standing there with a concerned expression upon his face. I ran in his arms. We hugged for at least five minutes and let go.

    I glanced beside him to see Chelsea. She gave me a small smile. "I'm glad you're ok." She said.

    I smiled at her softly, "thanks."

    I looked around and confusion swept over me. "There was a guy that broke in our house. I don't understand. What happened? There was a guy and someone saved me."

    Hailer buried his face in my neck. "It was a scary guy," he muttered.

    I held him close to me, "I know."


I hated that I practically messed up Will's date. He said it was ok, he was just happy that I was safe.

    Chelsea seems like a nice girl. Both of them are babysitting Hailer, while I take a walk. Will told me that after what just happened I shouldn't take a walk in the middle of the night but, I persuaded him. I feel like it's the best thing for me right now.

    I walked further in the dark night. The air was cold. I tightened my jacket around me. I lifted up my hoodie.

    I turned around and my eyes went wide. What I saw in front of me was a drunk driver or just a madman. He was heading right towards me. I couldn't tell who was driving it.

    I felt arms wrap around me, pushing me out of the way. I glanced up so, I can have a look at his face but, he turned away from me before I could. It was the same guy. The guy with the black hoodie. He stood up but, I grabbed his sleeve before he could get any further. He paused, but, he didn't turn around. I grabbed his hand and helped myself up. "Thank you for saving me."

    He nodded. He let go of my hand softly and began walking away. "Were you the same one that saved me when that guy broke into our house?" I asked.

    He paused. "Sort of." That voice sounded familiar, to familiar!

    "Sort of?"

    "Yea, he's not dead yet. That's the problem." 

    "Why won't you show your face?" I asked.

    There was a five minute silence. "Because, you don't need to know how I look like."

     "Nick?" I asked, with shock.


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