Life Saver

Weird stuff has happened to Delilah. She has been getting in more and more danger every day. She has almost been killed by an moving train but, she has been saved. She have almost been hit by an moving car but, she has been saved. Who is mystery guy that keeps saving her? When she finds out who he is, will they fall in love? Or will the forbidden happen?


9. Casey

I jumped in the shower. After I got out, I did my hair and my makeup. I got dress.

     Today is Saturday, I'm going to hang out with Casey.

      I left a note saying, "I am heading out to meet Casey. Love, Delilah."

      I went outside and smiled when I saw Casey was already on the porch.


"Delilah!" Casey giggled. "I. Can't. Breathe." She started busting out laughing again.

     I held my finger over my mouth. I cleared my throat and did the best British accent I could do. I held the phone up to my ear and waited. "Hello, this is Pizza hut. How may I help you?"

     "Yes, I would like to have a cheese burger and fries."

      Casey giggled again. "Give me the phone." She held out her hand.

       I shook my head with a smile on my face. "I'm sorry madam, but, we don't serve that here."

       "You're kidding, right? This is terrible. Worst restaurant ever!"

       "Hand me the phone." Casey whispered. I handed her the phone. "I'm sorry that was my wife." She said in a deep voice. "She was messing around, but, I would like to order a hotdog."

       I muffled a laugh. I covered my mouth with my hands. "What do you mean you don't serve that there." She gave me a small smile. "Ok, me and my friend would like a pepperoni and cheese pizza. We live on Huntsville road. It's a little white house. You couldn't miss it. It's the only white house on this road. Thanks... Oh, and my parents are extremely protective so don't kidnap us." She said in her normal voice. She hung up.

      I laughed. This is why I love Casey. She's hilarious! She has a bubbly personality and knows how to make someone laugh.

        "He should be here any minute." Casey smiled.

         "So, you ordered pizza for us?"

         "Um, duh. Do you think that you can just call pizza hut and I won't order pizza?"

          "Yea, you're right."

          "Oh and can you spend the night tonight?" Asked Casey.

          "I can ask my parents." I grabbed my phone and called mom.

           My mom answered on the second ring. "Hello?"

          "Can I spend the night with Casey tonight?" I asked.

          "Yea, sure. You need to come back over here and grab your clothes."


           I held the phone close to my chest. "Hey, Casey." I whispered. She turned towards me. "I have to go get my clothes."

           "It's ok. You can use mine and my parents won't be here tonight. They will be going out and I don't want to be alone."

           I nodded. I brought the phone back to my ear. "Casey said I can borrow her clothes and her parents are not going to be home tonight."

           "Ok, you girls be careful. Love you."

            "I love you too, mom. Bye." I hung up and faced Casey. "I'm staying here tonight."

            "Yay!" Her face broke out in a grin. She walked over and hugged me.


"Bye mom. Bye dad." She walked over and hugged them. It was night and the pizza hut guy still hasn't showed up. "Be careful." Her mom said. She walked over and kissed her on the forehead.

     They left and Casey faced me with a huge grin. "Party time!"

      I smiled. "What do you want to do first?" I asked.

      "Truth and dare," she said without hesitation.

      "That game is so boring with only two people."

       "C'mon it won't be to bad." She sat down on the rug beside her couch. She sat crisscross.

        I also sat crisscross. I sat in front of her. "Truth or dare?" She asked.


        "Who do you like?"

        Nick. "No one."

        "Uh huh. You never lied to me before. Tell me!"

        "How can you tell?" I asked.

        "You stare at the ceiling when you lie."

        "Ok, um. Nick."

        She looked shock. "Wait, are you talking about your sexy neighbor?"

        I laughed and nodded. "Yea him. You know him?"

       "No. My boyfriend knows him. They're friends... sort of. They don't hang out as much, but, Mike is a teenager and Nick is not, so, yea."

       Mike is her boyfriend. "Nick is around twenty years old." I shrugged. "He's not that old."

      "Oh. Falling for the older men." Casey winked at me.

      "Truth or dare?" I asked.


      "I dare you to dance around to a childish song."

      "What song?" She asked.

      "Um. McDonald had a farm."

      She laughed. "Look it up."

      I looked it up on YouTube and played it. She danced around.


Afterwards she sat back down. "Truth or dare?" She asked.


         "I dare you to go to Nicks house and knock on his door. When he opens the door I want you to kiss him. I don't mean just a peck. Kiss him like you never kissed anyone." She grinned.

          I glared at her. "No way!"

         "C'mon this could be your only chance."

         "Please, give me another dare."

          She thought about it for a second. "No, I'm not. Wait, isn't the pizza guy supposed to be here by now?."

          I shrugged. I stood up and walked to the door. "I can't believe you're making me do this."

          I opened the door. She squealed and followed me out. I walked over to Nicks house and knocked on the door. He didn't answer. I looked over at Casey and gave  her a nervous look. She gave me a thumbs up, with a grin.

         My heart hammered in my chest. Ok, I will kiss him and scream out that it was a dare. What if he pushes me away? That would be embarrassing.

         He opened the door. I grabbed his shirt and planted my lips on his. He seemed shock for a few seconds, but, surprisingly he started kissing me back. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me passionately.

         He pushed me away gently. "Sorry. Y-you shouldn't be here." He said.

        "I-" Well, I don't want to say it was a dare now. "I shouldn't of did that. I'm sorry."

        He nodded. "you should go."

        I looked over and Casey and her mouth was open in shock. I nodded. I walked over to Casey and I couldn't hide the smile on my face. She took my arm. "He kissed you back," She whispered in my ear. "He looked like a good kisser. Was he a good kisser?"

        I laughed.

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