Life Saver

Weird stuff has happened to Delilah. She has been getting in more and more danger every day. She has almost been killed by an moving train but, she has been saved. She have almost been hit by an moving car but, she has been saved. Who is mystery guy that keeps saving her? When she finds out who he is, will they fall in love? Or will the forbidden happen?


3. Beautiful Neighbor

                                                      Delilah's POV.

I laid there still stunned. 

    I'm confused. Who pushed me? There was a guy that pushed me and a guy that saved me, right? I closed my eyes trying to figure this all out. Ok, so the guy that walked away, he was the one that saved me. 

   I laid there for a few seconds, all because, I was a little to lazy and exhausted. I finally got up after a few minutes. 

    I looked around and plugged my ear phones back in (since they fell out of my ear after the accident) and lifted up my hoodie. I searched around trying to find the guy that saved me…or maybe it was best not to know, since I'm still confused if he even saved me.

    I walked a little ways but, finally decided to go home. I usually don't go home this early but, it's really cold to be summer and I almost died so, you can't really blame me.


Once I got home, I checked if any of the neighbors were home. Casey still wasn't home but, my creepy neighbor was. He was on the porch casually, texting away. I tried to look away but, I couldn't. He was beautiful. He ran his hands through his dirty blonde hair and glanced up at me. Like I said, he's beautiful but, creepy. The thing is I couldn't get my feet to work. It's like I was frozen here. "Hey Delilah, someone just texted me an-. Why are you staring at our neighbor?" 

    I swung around and faced my brother with a glare. 

    He held up his hands and smiled at me cheekily.

    "Anyway who texted you?" I asked trying to change the subject. 

     I heard a door slam from behind me, I glanced behind me to see my neighbor already went inside. "You know, our creepy neighbor, might not be so creepy anymore if you keep staring at him like that. He might be the one that's creeped out." I gave Will a glare. "Oh and Chelsea texted me," he grinned. Will had a crush on Chelsea for like, forever. "I asked her out and she said yes. We're going out to eat tomorrow night. You can handle Hailer, right?"

     "Yea, I can handle Hailer, but, did you ask mom and dad about this? And did you ask Chelsea if you can go out with her over the phone?!"

     "Yea, I did ask mom and dad and they said yes. I also, asked Chelsea over the phone. What's the big deal?"

    I held my hand in the air. "There's not a deal."

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