The Scroll

This story came about when I had to write a Historical Fiction for English class about 3 months ago. I came to write about the Ancient Egyptians and about the first full scroll of The Book of the Dead found. Enjoy the story if you feel like reading it. ^_^ (I never actually finished it for instead I'm finishing it for fun.)


1. The Diary

"Boss!" one of the workmen shouted, "Come here we found something!" Karl Richard Lepsius looked up from the object he was studying. 

"I will be over there in a moment." he replied. He got up and walked over to the hole the workmen dug out. Karl looked into the hole and looked up at his workmen staring at him dumbfounded. 

"What is it?" Karl asked. One of the workmen walked over to him and whispered something in his ear. Then the workman backed away next to all the others. Karl stared at the me for quite a while. He managed to choke out the words, "I see." Karl looked into the hole again and back at the men. "Well...if we don't know what the paper is I must see it ." he said, "Someone get me the scroll. Carefully, we don't want to harm it." 

"Yes boss." one of the workmen replied, "We will get it for you, but it may take quite some time."Karl stared at him very serious. 

"I need it by tonight, or it will take longer for me to translate the text." He said very seriously. Karl then walked away towards his tent. Karl stared at the object on his desk. As he stared at the object he seemed to get more and more frustrated. Karl picked up the ancient piece and continues to read the hieroglyphics. The piece comes out to say- One must look in the ground to understand the meaning of life. 

"Karl!" All the workmen shout together. Karl set down the text and went to the spot where they all stand. 

"Yes? I something wrong?" Karl questioned. The one that talked to him before walked over to him. 

" see we have the text out of the hole but..." The workman said nervously.

"...But what?" Karl stared at him impatiently and waited for an answer. The workman pointed in the hole they found the text. Karl looked into the hole and saw something barely sticking out of the sand. "Well, what are you all waiting for? Dig it up." Karl said. The men went into the hole and dug into the sand. Within 5 minutes they uncovered and ancient book, or what looked like to be a book. One of the men picked up the book and handed it t Karl. 

"Boss would you like the other text at the moment as well?" The worker asked. Karl stared at the piece in his hands. 

"...No, not yet...just this one for now." He said. He didn't wait for a reply; he walked to his tent. While Karl walked away the men just stood there in confusion. Karl walked into his tent and sat down at the desk. He touched the object. "This is an amazing discovery." Karl said to himself, "It shows they had farther technology then I thought...what we all thought." He opened the book and stared at the first page. He felt the hieroglyphics. "This is amazing." He said. He started reading and found the most remarkable story he has ever read. 

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