The Scroll

This story came about when I had to write a Historical Fiction for English class about 3 months ago. I came to write about the Ancient Egyptians and about the first full scroll of The Book of the Dead found. Enjoy the story if you feel like reading it. ^_^ (I never actually finished it for instead I'm finishing it for fun.)


2. Entry One

Today is the worst day of my life; my heart weighs heavy. Starting from the beginning, I went out to do errands for my mother. As I was walking this man pulled me behind a series of houses and asked me, "Boy do you want something extraordinary?" 

"What do you mean, what is it?" I asked him. He pulled out this binding with a group of papyrus inside. I look at him and asked, "Did you make this?"

"Yes boy, but I did not invent this. The idea was passed down from Europe, they call it a book." 

"Wait is that Papyrus or something else it looks very different." I said. 

"No, this is what they call paper, it is made of tree and the binding is what the call leather from animals, like a cow. Do you know what a cow is boy?" 

"I think I've heard of it before from stories but I've never seen one." I said intrigued. 

"Good, you have an idea. This book...nobody has one here in Egypt, but you my boy." he said to me, "Now go home and hide this...if anyone found out you had this they would kill you for it." I started walking again but I couldn't help myself to keep looking back at the strange old man. I have something special that no one else has in Thebes, or Egypt in general.

I kept walking, but I thought I was gone for too long, even if I didn't complete the task for my mom it's to late to do now. I turned around and started to walk home. It took me till sundown to get back. I walked in the door and dropped everything in my arms. All I see is my dad turn back and look at me with evil in his eyes. I looked at my dad's hands covered with crimson red blood. 

"YOU...YOU...MONSTER!!" I shouted as loud as possible, I almost thought everyone in Thebes could hear me. He walked towards me and I backed away. "Don't come near me." I picked up the sharp object mom used to use to cut food up and held it close to me.

"Son...I had to do what was necessary." He said with pity in his voice but you could still see the evil in his eyes. I moved the object in front of me pointing at him.

"You know that's not true, I can see it in your eyes." I said with vengeance in my cracking voice. 

"Put that down now." He said with anger instead of pity. I walked towards him till I'm eye-to-eye. 

"This is for mom." I stabbed him in his heart; I felt he didn't deserve it anymore. I watched dad fall to his knees. I couldn't help it but I cried. I missed mom so much, and dad too. My heart weights heavy now. I sat next to mom; her lifeless body laid face down on the sandy floor. I put my head on her back. I knew I wouldn't get a reply but I tried anyway. I said to her corpse, "Mom I did it for you I couldn't help myself I'm sorry." I brushed a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. I whispered sniveling, "Mommy." Suddenly a rush of hatred filled my body. I kissed mom's head and got up I wiped the tears that filled my eyes. Today is the start of what I'm entailed to. 


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