The Scroll

This story came about when I had to write a Historical Fiction for English class about 3 months ago. I came to write about the Ancient Egyptians and about the first full scroll of The Book of the Dead found. Enjoy the story if you feel like reading it. ^_^ (I never actually finished it for instead I'm finishing it for fun.)


3. Break

Karl looked up from the book and sighed. "It's evening already." Karl said to himself. He got up from his desk and walked outside the tent. He looked around, but nobody was in sight. "Where is everyone?" Karl questioned, "They must be sleeping...I should sleep as well." Karl walked back inside the tent. Karl sighed and stared at the notebook. "This book, nobody can know about it, only me." A smirk appeared across Karl's lips. "This is my little secret." As Karl planned he put on his nightclothes. "Yes, I shall hide it in the most secretive of places. He said to himself. Karl finished changing and stared at the cloud covered, nighttime sky for a long while. 

"Karl, you should get to bed like the rest of us" A shadow appeared from the darkness. This startled Karl, but he was relieved when it was just on e of his assistants. 

"Oh, hello Jeremiah." Karl said as he composed his breathing. "I do apologize for losing control of my heart rate." 

"It's perfectly fine, I just came to see if you were okay." He said with a smile. 

"What do you mean?" Karl wondered, "Aren't I always okay?" 

"Well.....not always Karl." Jeremiah said hoping he didn't say something insensitive. 

"How so?" Karl said staring into space, barely paying any attention to the conversation. 

"Well, for example, you left us there in mid sentence earlier today." Jeremiah said losing his patience for Karl's behavior. 

"Sorry, but....could you please leave." Karl said turning his attention back to Jeremiah. 

"Oh, yes, sleep well." Jeremiah said leaving the tan, house-like tent. 

Relieved, Karl turned around and walked to his bed. As he got into bed, Karl's attention draws back to the book. Letting his mind go blank, he drifted into a deep sleep. 


Awoken by the excitement filled voices, Karl slowly opened his eyes. As he lifted his head, all the blood rushed back to the rest of his body. "Ugh." As he rubbed the back of his neck he noticed the book once more. Snapping back to reality, he remembered everything that happened. 

"Good morning boss." One of the workmen said as he peeked into the tent. 

"Good morning." Karl said as he positioned his feet on the ground, "Any news?" 

"Nothing yet, but we're still searching." He said enthusiastically. 

"No offense, but leave if their is nothing to report." Karl said sighing as he searched for his day clothes. 

"Okay boss." The man said as he left. 

Sitting down in the chair, Karl read the next entry. 

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