Shinee entries

Random entries about my pov if I was with SHINee. Really I won't mention names in here so this could be for anybody


1. My Dream

I’m there laying face down tired from the chilly winter day before. The room is dark except for the clocks illuminating light reading 3:34 am. There’s still more time to sleep. Thank god I thought. I lay there thinking sensing everything in the room. How dark it is, how cold it is, how the moonlight sprayed across the room through the blinds. I can feel his hand laying on my back his knees against the back of my legs. The rustle of sheets from his slight movement. But then for a second I believe he is not there. That his arm is not around my body that he is not the one rustling the sheets. That all the time I've spent with him was just a dream. I begin to think the worst of thoughts. Has something happened to me? Have I been dreaming all this time? and I start to feel the sensation of heartache imagining my life without him. I quickly twisted my body around letting his arm slip away from my body. I look to see if he has disappeared. He has not. His eyes are open staring at my face. His blinks are slow and his smile begins to grow. I look into his eyes watching them scan across my face looking at my eyes and nose and mouth. In the darkness I can barely find the strong outline of his jaw. See the roundness of his nose and the fullness in his lips. Looking into his eyes I can say nothing. He leans into my neck and says "You’re so cold.” I adjust slightly to bring the blanket closer to our faces. The lump in my throat sticks. The feeling of when I first fell for him is here now. It has always been. My love for him will never die. I can’t think of anything to say. After a long moment of silence I barely whisper “Then keep me warm.” Once I say this he pulls me tightly into his arms and runs his fingers through my hair. I pull the blanket up to shield us from the cold moonlight outside. I slowly drift off to sleep but just before I’m about to fall I tell him I love him. Finally my body falls into slumber and I know for sure I want to be here with him. With the man I love.

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