Allegiant: Still Here .


1. Allegiant: Not Dead .

Tobias' POV:

After Tris Was Killed , Christina & I Became Close. She Gave Me Comfort After Her Death. Long Time After , She Reminded Me So Much Of Tris; Her Braveness , Hardheadedness , & The Look In Her Eyes Resembled Tris' . How Can This Be Happening ? How Can I Be Falling In Love With The Love Of My Life's Bestfriend ? This Is Wrong , Unacceptable .

But That Was Until I Found Out Tris Wasn't Dead After All...

The Day We Sent Her Body To Get Made Into Ashes , The People Heard A Scream From The Room Where They Keep The Corpses . They Didn't Pay Attention To It & Thought It Was Just Their Minds Playing A Trick On Them . It Became Continuous So Finally , A Woman Named Aubrey , Who Worked There , Went To See What Was The Cause Of All The Noise ...

"Hello ? Is Anyone In Here ?" Said Aubrey .

"Help ! Help!" Said A Loud , Pained Voice .

Aubrey Rushed To Where She Thought The Voice Was Coming From . As She Ran Around The Corpses She Felt That She Was Getting Closer To The Voice With Every Step She Took . When She Finally Got To The 35th Corpse , She Untied The Girl's Hands From The Bed . The Girl Looked 16 Or 17 Years Old . She Was Short , Maybe 6 Feet Tall , Short Blond Hair , Black Clothes & A Bullet Wound In Her Shoulder .

"What's Your Name ?" Asked Aubrey Hesitantly.

"Tris. Tris Prior." Replied The Girl , Breathless , Sobbing . Aubrey Was Shocked & Scared , When People Get Brought Here , It's Because They're Dead , So If She's Not Dead , How Did She Manage To Get In Here , In The Place Where Corpses Are Kept ? "Where Am I ? Why Am I Here ? I Need To Return To Dauntless Headquarters ." Said Tris . Aubrey Stared At Her For A Split Second Then Said , "You're In The Place Where Dead People Are Brought To Make Their Bodies Into Ashes . A Guy Brought You In Here , With Another Girl . They Said Their Names Were Four & Christina . They Told Us You Were Dead Due To The Bullet Wound . " Tris Broke Into Tears & Asked To Borrow A Cell Phone . Aubrey Guided Her To The Office . Tris Thanked The Woman & Dialed The Number She Had Dialed Her Whole Life In An Emergency: Her Mom's Number . That's Until She Remembered That Both Her Parents Were Dead . She Thought Of Caleb But She Ignored The Thought , She Was Still Mad At Him For Betraying Her & Their Family . That Left Tobias (Four) , The Last Thing She Wanted To Do Was Call The Guy Who Took Her into That Place , Yet She Did It Without Hesitation .

The Phone Was Answered At The Second Ring . "Hello?" Said A Deep , Raspy Voice . "Tobias? It's ... It's Tris." Tris' Voice Came Out A Half Growl & Half Sob . She Was Glad & Mad To Hear His Voice Once Again . "What ? How ? Where Are You ? I Thought You Were ..." His Voice Trailed Off , Not Having The Courage To Finish His Sentence . "I Know Tobias . I Know Everything You & Christina Did . Y'all Brought Me Into Whatever This Place Is Called , You Both Thought I Was Dead . " Tris Said Angrily . Tobias Stayed Silent . "Just Come Get Me , Okay ?" Tris Hung Up The Phone .

Tobias & Christina Arrived 15 Minutes After The Call . Tris Ran Straight Towards Tobias & Did What She Did Not Expect To Do , Embrace Him & Kiss Him . Tobias Held Her Tightly . "I've Missed You So Much Tris . I Couldn't Picture Life Without You . I'm Sorry . " He Said Quietly . "Let's Just Get Out Of Here . We Can Talk Later " Tris Replied Softly .

Christina Got In The Back Seat , Tobias Was Driving & Tris Was In The Passenger Seat . Tobias Reached For Tris's Hand , Enlaced Her Fingers In His & Said , "Tris , I've Missed You , & I Love You ." Tris Whipped Her Head Around To Look At Him . His Dark Blue Eyes Glistening From The Lamposts' Light From The Street Outside . Tris Gripped His Hand Tightly & Said "I Love You Too ."

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