Is This True Love


1. intro

 Hey, my name is Amber. I have black hair, with blonde dip dye. I have blue eyes. Everyone judge me, by the people I hang out with. I'm short, but not the shortest out of the people in school. My first best friend is, Angle. She has red hair and brown eyes. She is really tall and is really skinny. My other top friend, what is a girl is named, Brooklyn. She has blonde hair. She has green eyes, and is short, a little bit shorter then me. She is the one that has the loudest mouth out of all of my friends. She is kind o a prep. She hangs out with the jocks and cheerleaders, but she accepts  everybody for who they are.

 My guy friend is Tyler. He has dirty blonde hair and has blue eyes. He is like my brother. When I got my first boyfriend, he got in a fist fight with him for breaking up with me. I think his dad and my mom is dating, but you never know.

 So this is just the intro, so please don't stop reading.

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