Don't Forget About Hope

"This is life, Genevieve! This is how we determine who we get married to! This whole love thing doesn't matter to everyone else. It's about winning and finding your soul mate." "But you are my soul mate." I said. A tear trickled down my cheek. "I know, and that's why we have to win."


2. Chapter 2

The 17 to 18 year old girls were in a different line than the 17 to 18 year old guys. Only about 30 of us-fifteen from each gender- would be put in, so only ten of us would be spared. 

When they called our names, we are to go onstage and wait to be brought to our location. 

"Genevieve Leirce."

I carefully walked to the plat form and stood next to Bianca Smith. My family was watching me in the crowd. Mom gave a happy wave and I quickly looked away. How can she be excited at a time like this?

"Lauren Elder."

For the next five minutes, girls and boys were called on to the platform. Fifteen boys stood on stage along with fifteen girls. I spotted Ethan in the crowd. He wouldn't be going to the arena with us, meaning that no matter what happened, we wouldn't be together.

Our of the corner of my eye, a boy started choking. I watched him fall down, clasping his throat and that was when I realized, it was already starting. All the horrors, everything. And my life was in my own hands.

I looked back for Ethan, hoping to see him in the crowd, but he wasn't there. My eyes frantically searched the people hoping to see Ethan's blue eyes. I looked over to the dying boy. His body was being dragged off and someone else stepped on stage.

"Ethan Peterson."

He caught my eye and gave me a reassuring smile. Ethan took stance in the spot of the boy once there before.

"Hurry, now, before more gas kicks in."

I looked at my mom once again, and her smile was gone. She waved goodbye sadly.

The lines swarmed together, a mixture of genders. We walked down a path to a bus waiting for us at the curb. 

"Start from the back, two people to a seat."

Ethan and I got to sit next to each other.

"Ready, Gen?"


"C'mon, it'll be fine. Remember, we're going to win."

I looked around at all of the tall, strong guys. Their biceps were about the size of my head. And not that Ethan isn't strong, its just that those guys are stronger. 
The girls were about twice my height and looked like they new how to do all that fighting stuff. 

"Hey, I know you are scared- I'm just as scared as you are, but we have to keep your head in the game."

"Just a question, how can you stay so optimistic?"

He smiled. "I don't know. I just try to think about the happier things. How do you stay so pessimistic?" 

"Ha ha."

"Quiet every one!" At the front of the bus stood a tall lady. She looked like she was in her mid forties. "As you all know, we must all go into this battle to find who we belong to. One female and One male will win the battle, then plan their wedding soon after."

Screens flashed on the back of the bus seats. On the screen,  stood two people, one girl, one boy. A bunch of dead bodies lay around them as they embraced. 

"That is so messed up." I mumbled.

"The games have been going on for years. Since people weren't finding who they truly belonged to before the end of their life, we decided we would do it for them. If they weren't meant to be, they wouldn't have survived. The two survivors will be able to reproduce, making the population stronger."

"I don't get it. We're going to kill other people off so we have more people in our town?" a girl asked.

"Do not question the system."

"It's just stupid."

"You'll regret that. You will be the first to go, Lauren."

"Yeah, yeah."

The fact that she didn't at all care and slumped into her seat made me feel intimidated. She knew that she was going to survive.

"In a couple of minutes, we will get you all changed into something more comfortable. You will all go in with your choice of weapons. You have one minute to hide from everyone else. The games will then start."

The bus came to a stop outside of a small building. One by one, people exited the bus and went inside. 30 doors were in a circle. We all stood in front of a door.

"Inside will be clothes, they should all fit you. There will be three different weapons, choose wisely. There will be yet another door for entering the arena. You must be ready in two minutes, then stand on a platform until everyone is on their platform. At that moment, you may run for only a minute. At the sound of a cannon, the game will start. I wish you all good luck."

Everyone turned to their door and walked inside. My clothes lay on a chair. I quickly put them on since my time was only two minutes. I supposed at the two minute mark, gas will start filling the room. 

One three tables were three different weapons. One was a sword, the next a dagger, lastly, a bow and some arrows. I grabbed them all. Luckily there was a place for my sword and my dagger, supposing I were to choose one or the other. I placed the bow and arrows on my back and walked to the door. 

The knob was ice cold. I hesitated to turn it. I looked back at the other door. Gas started to fill the room. I turned the knob and stumbled out the door. The light phased me, but as soon as I looked around, the other platforms were empty. 

"Ethan?" I called.

"Genevieve c'mon!" He was pulling me down from the platform and dragged me into the woods.

The battle had begun. 

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