Don't Forget About Hope

"This is life, Genevieve! This is how we determine who we get married to! This whole love thing doesn't matter to everyone else. It's about winning and finding your soul mate." "But you are my soul mate." I said. A tear trickled down my cheek. "I know, and that's why we have to win."


1. Chapter 1

As I left the house, thunder began to sound. I walked across the street to Ethan's house and knocked on the door.
"Hey Genevieve." he said grimly.
Ethan walked out in the porch and took a seat on his swing chair. I sat with him.
"How are you feeling?"
"I'm terrified." I said. 
"Me, too. But we'll get out of this mess."
"I hope you are right."
I leaned my head on his shoulder and he snaked his arm around my waist.
"I can't believe every married couple was out through this." He mumbled.
"I know, mom and dad. Your parents. It isn't fair."
"Life isn't fair, Gen."
"No kidding."
We sat listening to the thunder rumbling. It happened every year one hour before every thing started. Then thirty minutes before, rain starts pouring.
"How are we going to do this?" I asked. "what about all of our friends? We can't kill them."
"Once we step into that world, we don't have any friends. It's every man for himself."
A tear trickled down my cheek.
"I'm scared." I whispered.
"Don't worry, I'll protect you."
"No, don't bother. My only concern is getting out of your way."
"But you can't just leave."
"It's for the best."
"No, Gen. Trust me. We'll get out alive."
I wanted to argue, but there was no point. There was no way I would survive, but Ethan had a fair chance. If he decided to protect me, then we would both be goners.
"Ok." I said softly.
Rain started to pour. Thirty minutes until my death. Ethan pulled me closer and kissed me on my head.
"We will survive." He said surely. 
I shook my head. 
He will survive. I won't.

So um first chapter. Please tell me what you think

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