Embers Of The Fire Angel

This is a story I've been writing for a couple years, I'm hoping to finish it eventually and get it published. Its sort of apocalyptic, the world ends by an invasion of rogue angels and two teenagers, a boy and a girl who fall in love, are the only two people left, they must give up their humanity in order to save the world and the good angels.


13. Ember's P.O.V

As the wings enveloped me, I was overcome with a calming sense of serenity. An intense light began to fill the space where Lyzanda and I stood, the feeling was amazing, I felt as though if I died at this moment I wouldn’t mind because everything felt together and complete, I felt as though I finally belonged to something, important and fulfilling. This feeling lasted a mere second before a violent, penetrating pain tore through my body, ripping my soul from my body and hurling me into a dark abyss. I felt shattered, broken, lost in this darkness. I screamed out, calling for Drake or Luna.

            The darkness felt as though it was closing in on me, cornering me, torturing every part of me into insanity. I closed my eyes, trying to think of a way out. There had to be a way out, why would Lyzanda send me here, had he sent me here, where was here? I struggled through the panic, opening my eyes to reveal a light coming through the darkness, had I died from the pain? No I couldn’t have, Lyzanda needed my help, our help, without me and Drake they could probably defeat the angels in Wolke von Englen, but there was no way they could overpower the angels back on Earth in my world, they didn’t know it. It was uncharted territory for them. But if that was the case then why was I here?

              The light approached in the form of a dense, impenetrable fog. It encompassed me in an icy, dap embrace, cutting off ,y breathing, filling my head with a drowsiness, my soul felt heavy and began drag downwards, deeper into the fog and darkness, the light barely visible in through its wall. I let it take me, trusted it as it took me somewhere, I had a feeling I was supposed to go, that this was the right thing to do.

            The cold disappeared, replaced by the warmth of sunlight and the smell of roses. I opened my eyes to see a field of bright red roses, the colour of blood, there intense colour intensified by the bright yellow light radiating from the sun. Someone stood in the centre of the field, her wings outstretched, arms hanging by her side, her face and body turned towards me, but her eyes were closed. A gentle breeze blew me towards her, catching in my own wings and drawing me forward, towards the mysterious angel. As I came to a halt in front of her, she opened her eyes and placed a hand on my head. My knees buckled and I fell to the ground as images flooded my mind.

            I walked down a path, shrouded in a ghostly light amongst and solid, impenetrable wall of trees and fog. As I came to the end of the path, a set of stairs appeared, calmly I continued my journey up the stairs, coming to a small hut. I peered inside the archway. No sense of my usual curiosity, just the knowledge that my answers would be inside. A child sat at the table, using a pencil to scribble something on a piece of paper. I moved towards her, steadily moving forward until she held up her hand. I stopped where I was, about a metre from, still unable to see what was written on the paper, still not overcome by my usual curious urges that would have told me to jump forward and grab the piece of paper.

            But something about the girl, it told me I should stay where I was and be patient. This for once wasn’t that hard. The girl continued to scribble on her paper, her back turned to me so I couldn’t see her face. But from what I could see of her face and the back of her head she looked very familiar. As if I knew her from somewhere else, knew her very well, I felt a deep connection in my heart. “Yes you do know me Ember,” That voice, the little girl’s voice, I know it from somewhere. “I miss you Ember, but that’s not the reason I’m here.” I waited for her to continue talking but all she did was draw. “Remember when we were little children, running around in the playground, climbing trees and pretending we could fly when we jumped out, and that one time when we were playing by the creek and you slipped in and hit your head on a rock, we spent so long in hospital together, just watching the television and eating the horrible hospital jelly.”

            “Alexa? But your dead.” I moved forward, was I finally going to get to see my younger sister again, my head spinning fast, was Mum and Dad here too, what about my little brother, barely three years old. Alexa, my little sister who looked so much like me everyone thought we were twins.

            “Close, I am dead, but sorry I’m not Alexa, but I do miss her deeply too.” I felt my heart crack in two, I missed my family so much. I felt my eyes sting but no tears came out, I guess one’s spirit can’t exactly cry physical tears.

             “If you’re not Alexa, then who are you and why do you look so much like me.” Well, more like the younger version of me, like Alexa. Now that I was an angel I no longer had plainly coloured hair and normal pale skin….also I now had wings protruding elegantly from my back.

            “Silly Ember, I am you, the younger, human version of you. Technically I died when you became an angel, you completely lost your human side, I am merely a memory now, a memory that is here to guide you and help you remember your past so that you are able to save the future.” The girl turned around to face me, finally allowing me to see her and identify who she was. One glance in her eyes, at the way they sparkled with curiosity, her little dimples, full of mischievous smiles, and her soft ringlets hiding a thousand mischievous ideas. This was me, the Ember before she had to grow up as quick as possible and become an angel with her best friend to be able to save the place she had once called home.

            I gasped. My heart jumping in my chest, pounding and racing. My thirteen year old self gazing back at me, the same curious, playful set on her features as I had once had before my world had been thrown upside down. “Well, this is interesting…” I sat down across from her at the table, she watched me as I walked.

            “We really have changed over the past few years, we no longer look as though we might be planning to kill someone or set something on fire just because we were wondering what might happen if we did.” She smiled at me, a sad smile. “The sad thing is, you will never be able to turn back into a human, this is the last time you will ever be able to experience what we were once like. This is good bye. No more of your humanity, all of you connections to the human world, your memories, you true human emotions will be wiped and all that will be left will be purely and truly Angel.”

        “What about Drake? What about the things you needed to tell me?”

            “All in good time, at least we don’t lose our impatience” She smiled happily then, hiding her sadness at my loss. Never to be human ever again. I certainly would miss it, but as long as I was with Drake, my life would be complete.

            “Okay, so pretty much, I will become a true Angel and completely lose my human side?”

            “Yes that is the only way you will be able to stop the rogue angels and have full control of your powers. Although your human side is part of why you and Drake have an immense ability to control your powers and why Lyzanda covets your help so much, you must lose it and me to overpower them.” I nodded my head. Taking in what the younger version of me was saying.  “Only a full Angel with its full powers and abilities will be able to defeat the Rogue Angels. Even with your lack of training, the fact that you were once human means that they won’t be able to track you as well, even after you let me go. From what I have been told it masks your scent and your spirit, much like the fog did as you were coming here. It shrouded you from detection in the spirit realm.” Little Ember seemed to be slowly losing her happiness, as if she was already beginning to fade away, as if with each word she spoke to me she was gradually disappearing.

            “So when I completely lose my human side, the true Angel will emerge, but because I was once human I will have an anti-detection shield, same with Drake?”

            “Yes, that is part of how you will defeat the Rogue Angels, the rest however is a little more complicated than that…” Little Ember went silent, refusing to speak for a while. A deep, heart breaking sadness filling her face, tears beginning to escape from the corner of her eyes.

            “Hey, Ember, what’s wrong? I’m sure it can’t be that bad.” She shook her head vigorously, tears streaming from her eyes, voice shaking as she spoke.

              “You don’t understand. Even though I may be your technical inner-child, the fact that I was a part of you once means that I can feel all your emotions, that I know when you are truly happy, truly in love and deeply afraid.” I nodded my head, encouraging her to continue. “You know the old saying, if you can’t beat them, join them?” Once again I shook my head, my friends and I used to say that all the time during sports games. “Well, that saying applies here, you won’t be able to rid the world of the Rogue angels unless you understand them, understand how their minds work and what they plan to do next.” I continued to nod, a hole beginning to open up inside me. I think I already knew what had to happen. “You have to become a Rogue Angel. Embrace you true Angel self and then Fall to the Earth and join them, and undo them from within. Ember, save mankind, and the rest of the Angels, you must sacrifice yourself.”

       Instead of panicking, breaking down and allowing myself to fall apart like Little Ember had expected, I accepted this news with a simple small nod of my head. “I guess there is no other way?” I questioned already knowing the answer. She shook her head.

            “I wish there was Ember, but destiny is set. It’s the only way. But you must not tell Drake. He will try to stop you and that will be the undoing of everything. You must wait until the last minute, right when you’re about to be defeated, then Fall.” I acknowledged her words with a small simple nodded, as Little Ember faded away, disappearing. A searing pain raced through my body once again, encompassing my spirit in a furious pain, similar to the first pain that took me into the darkness.

            Once again I was back to in the field, standing amongst the roses and sunlight. The other Angel still standing motionless, in the centre of the field, wings outstretched arms by her side. I understood who she was now. She was a part of me, my true angel side. By embracing her I became one of them, one of the pure, uncorrupted Angels. But to become Rogue, I had to let her go again. I stepped forward into her arms. “Do what you know is right Ember, follow your heart and remember those you love.” I didn’t understand what she said, but I had no time to ask. She wrapped her wings around us and pushed herself inside me, filling my soul with a serene feeling, peace, happiness and a love I had lost when I had lost my family.

            The feeling disappeared, all that was remaining was the memory of her words burned into my brain so I could never forget. I peered through my eyes, disorientated by the sudden dullness of the room. Compared to the field this place was a dark cavern. Lyzanda’s wings parted, allowing me out. I stepped away from him, careful not to stumble.  “Welcome, Ember the Fire Angel.”

             I turned away from Lyzanda and walked over to Drake, standing calmly in front of him. “I shall leave you two alone to recuperate for the night and shall see you here tomorrow morning” He turned with his angels and one by one they departed the building, a small angel with flowing black hair the last to leave. She paused at the door, turned to face me and smiled.

            A mischievous, curious smile, one I had seen somewhere before, the kind I used to smile when I was planning something drastically evil that I knew I would get into trouble for. An image of a little girl flashed through my head, she had the same smile on her face, the same sparkle in her eyes and a similar twitch at the corner of her lips. But I couldn’t remember who she was. The Angel left before I could ask. I shrugged my shoulders and turned to face Drake, he opened his mouth to say something but before he could form words, I tumbled forwards, falling into his arms.

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