Embers Of The Fire Angel

This is a story I've been writing for a couple years, I'm hoping to finish it eventually and get it published. Its sort of apocalyptic, the world ends by an invasion of rogue angels and two teenagers, a boy and a girl who fall in love, are the only two people left, they must give up their humanity in order to save the world and the good angels.


3. Ember’s P.O.V

We followed Ash and Carmen through the streets of this cloud city. It was beautiful beyond words. Fluffy clouds broke through the street here and there, and a light spatter of rain showered us, coating the streets in a gentle mist. I looked up to the sky above us; there were no clouds, just empty sky. “How is it raining without clouds?” I thought out loud.

`“The weather here mirrors that of the Earths. When it’s raining on Earth, it rains here.” Carmen replied, repeating Ash’s words.

“Where is here?” Inquired Drake.

“Wolke von Englen” Ash replied.

“Cloud of Angels” Drake and I translated.

“Yes, that’s its German translation.” Carmen nodded approvingly.

We walked for what felt like hours, the scene changed slowly, moving from the serene beauty to a stormy wetland that eventually changed into a dark town that reminded me of a grave yard. Drake and I walked hand in hand down the road, following in the steps of Carmen and Ash. The next place was open and strewn with shrapnel and the odd abandoned tank. This was where the angels of war resided. In the centre was a massive tower.

“That is the headquarters where we plan our battle strategies and also where all the angels come to train.” Carmen explained mainly to Drake. 

“So where we just passed through would have been….” Ash cut Drake off.

“Earth, Elements and Death, There are many other places all through the clouds, what you have seen are the nicer parts, where the true angels live, the ones that haven’t fallen or gone rogue.”

“We were sent to Earth to stop the fallen and rogue from further corrupting humanity. Unfortunately they are too far gone. We must eliminate all that is left and begin a new race, one that has not been corrupted or turned.” Carmen hung her head as she said this, as if it hurt her to have to confirm our fears.

We passed the training centre and made our way to a part of the town that looked as though it was made of fire. “Most other angels associate the Fire angels with hell and the devil, our only true allies are war and sometimes death.” Ash explained to Ember. “So make sure you keep Drake close and don’t let him drift to anyone else.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it” I turned to Drake; he smiled down at me and pulled me into his arms. “Is this where we are staying?” I questioned Ash and Carmen, worn out from what had happened today, flying was harder than I had thought it would be.

“No, just a little further, there is a secluded place where war and fire mingle and can be together freely. We must be careful as the other clans suspect that we are closer than it seems.” Carmen had a worried expression on her face and kept looking around cautiously as we walked.

We entered a cave, black as the night, “They are right though, most of war and fire angels are working together, others are closer than just work partners.” Ash smiled and winked sexily at Carmen who blush a deep red, visible only because of mine and Ash’s fire powers. I held a ball of fire in one hand and Drake’s hand in the other. Drake reached out to touch it, Carmen and Ash watching us cautiously. Drake carefully picked up the ball of flame and held it in the palm of his hand. He smiled, and I smiled with him, I looked at Ash who was visibly relieved so was Carmen.

“That means you are part fire angel, you may not wield the same powers but you have the ability to hold fire in your hand and touch it. That is also a good sign if you and Ember wish to get together.” It seemed there were smiles all round today, especially after Carmen said that. We continued our journey deeper into the cave, all of us now holding a ball of fire in one hand, the other joined with a friend, Drake to me, Ash to Carmen.

At the end of the cave we stepped into a brightly lit room, it had no ceiling and was lit only with the sun’s rays but now that it was night time the only light came from the fire angels and the ghostly glow of the moon and the stars that surrounded it. Many angels were lounging on the couches, some sitting at tables either eating or talking, some playing a weird kind of game, one I wanted to learn, others were flying up to little rooms dug out from the stone. Ash and Carmen took flight to the top of the cave, we followed, no longer feeling the need to be cautious, we knew that here we could truly relax and be safe.

They flew to the back of the building and into a small room, almost as dark as the cave through which we entered. Carmen nodded to Drake and Ash nodded to me, the words-meet at the training centre we passed at 7am, sharp, you are expected to have your weapons and to have eaten. Now get some rest. Then together they flew down to the other side of the room and into their own private quarters. I turned to Drake who let out a massive sigh. He no longer was holding the fire and was waiting for me to bring out mine. I could see perfectly fine in the dark. Why couldn’t he? I’m guessing it’s a fire thing. I jumped; I looked at Drake who laughed, I glared at him, this was going to take a while to get used to.

Drake stepped towards me, I took a step back; he took another step forward, smiling as I took another step back and fell onto the bed behind me. I laughed as he jumped on top of me. It was a massive double bed that stretched almost from one side of the room to the other, Drake pulled the curtain closed and turned his attention to my mouth. Our wings half spread and our mouths locked in a passionate kiss, no one could tell where Drake ended and I began. Tears streaked our eyes as we thought of what we had lost and feared what lay ahead for us. All we had was each other, Carmen and Ash were there but they weren't close and maybe never would be Drake was the only piece of my old life I still had. Even the memories were fading as I began to embrace my new life. 

Once again I fell asleep in his arms, I wondered if I would ever be able to relax without him, wondered where I would be if I didn't have Drake with me.

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