Embers Of The Fire Angel

This is a story I've been writing for a couple years, I'm hoping to finish it eventually and get it published. Its sort of apocalyptic, the world ends by an invasion of rogue angels and two teenagers, a boy and a girl who fall in love, are the only two people left, they must give up their humanity in order to save the world and the good angels.


1. Ember’s P.O.V

Running through the streets, screams ring out, piercing the cool, humid air of the night. It sounded like a warzone; unfortunately, we never got a chance to fight back. We never had the time, even if we would have tried, the creatures would have wiped us out faster. The creatures had fallen from the sky, with the appearance of an angel; many said that God had sent them to save humanity from the likes of war and famine. We had no such luck, the angels were rogue and had set out to destroy humanity and save Earth from our destructive clutches. Religious believers now said that Jesus or the Messiah would save them. I no longer believe in luck and hope. Three days ago my family were murdered by a rogue angel. I’d come home from a mission to find them lying on the floor, their bodies piled in a heap in the middle of the kitchen, their heads scattered around like rubbish.  The angel was standing over the body of my father, obviously he had tried to fight back and the angel was now seizing its revenge by hacking him to pieces with a dagger. Wherever the dagger touched the flesh would begin to sizzled and burn. I blinked back tears and ran at him, slicing him down the middle with my sword. 

I piled up the bodies, cutting the angels body into smaller pieces when he tried to escape. I took some of his blood and placed it in a vial in my bag. Before his body joined back together I lit a fire and ran out of the house, spreading the barrel of petrol my dad had kept for emergencies. I ran from my home and looked back only when I was at the end of the street, by then the house and all that it contained had exploded in a giant ball of fire. I wouldn’t let my feelings show, in times like these showing emotions made you easier for the angels to track. I bowed my head and ran.

Back in the present, someone was following. They’d been following me since nightfall yesterday. I ran faster, using the shadows to keep me hidden. I passed into the light for only a second and they were on me. I was trapped against the ground unable to move.

“Keep your head down and don’t move.” I knew that voice from somewhere. I tried to turn my head to see his face but he had my whole body pinned to the ground. I held my breath as a shadow passed over us. Slowly I took deep breaths, pushing away all feeling.  The shadow moved away. A few minutes later the boy moved off of me, I grabbed his arm and cautiously moved into the light. I saw his face and couldn’t speak, I just stood there with my mouth open, and he must have recognized me as well because he pulled me into a warm embrace. I couldn’t help it, I started crying. He picked me up and carried me into the alley, back to the place where he had been following me through; I felt him opening a door and then close it. The temperature rose and I heard a fire crackling somewhere. He placed me on the bed and moved away. I sat up and pulled his head close, gazing deep into his eyes. They looked just as I had seen them a week ago, a vibrant blue framed by thick black eyelashes. They were gorgeous.

So many memories came flooding back to my head in that one second, but I pushed them away, thoughts of the angels crept up, but I pushed them back too, for now all I needed was to see a familiar face, to smell something familiar, to be with someone I knew and trusted, rather than constantly running and hiding.

“How have you been Drake?”  I looked around the room, there were no windows, if the angels attacked we were trapped, but it was a perfect place to setup an ambush against them and to hide away safely, only one place to enter from.

“I’ve been running for my life for the past week, my parents were murdered, my sister is on a plane to Spain and my brothers were killed and possessed... yeah, I’ve been brilliant.” I hung my head, why did he have to be like this, so hostile. We hadn’t seen each other in weeks, we had been best friends, normally we would stay up late talking, hang out at school, muck around on weekends climbing trees and swimming in muddy rivers. But all that had changed when the angels came and began killing, murdering, decapitating and all out exterminating everyone we knew and loved.

“At least some of your family has the chance of being alive, I walked in while they were being pulled apart, and their heads were all over the floor. I managed to kill him, the angel, and burn his body but now I have nowhere to go. No family, no friends, no one and nothing.  I’ve been on the run for three days and killed 3 different angels. You think you’ve got problems, at least you have someplace to go at night, and I’m still running and hiding.” It was Drake’s turn to hang his head. He sat down on the bed beside me. 

“I’m sorry.” He pulled me into his arms, holding me close, keeping me safe, “I feel bad for asking this but did you happen to get any blood from the angels you managed to kill.” I gave him a weird look and he got up to find something.

“I did, but why do you need it?” He pulled out a small jar; there was some kind of black powdery substance inside.

“I need it for this, the only way I know how to not be hunted by the angels, to survive. It’s all I have left Ember, all that’s kept me going. Making this will save us.” Drake smiled, completely excited at his discovery.

“Wait do you mean it will save everyone on Earth or just us, me and you?” I waited for his answer, it didn’t come. “No......... Drake, we can’t just leave everyone.”

“Why can’t we, most of them are dead anyway. Em, come on, me and you can be together, forever. If we add the angel blood to this mix we will permanently into angels.....” I cut him off, I couldn’t listen anymore, and I wouldn’t.

“Don’t Drake, I won’t sacrifice the rest of humanity just to save myself. It’s not right.”

“But if we do this we could save humanity ourselves.” He looked at me expectantly.

“Okay but you have to get it off me first.” I couldn’t help it; I hadn’t been able to relax and enjoy myself in what felt like years. I got up and ran across the room, he chased after me. He pinned me against the wall. I laughed as he tickled me. He reached into the bag strung over my shoulder.

“How fresh is the blood?” He had my hands pinned to my sides and was slowly walking me to the bed, the blood in one hand.

“It’s only a few days old, is that okay?”

“Yeah, that’s perfect.” He tried to pull away but I pulled him back down and hugged him tight. “I’ve missed you so much, I almost forgot what you looked like, what human contact felt like, how to feel. I’ve had to keep everything hidden.”

“Don’t worry, it’s okay, we’ll stick together from now on.” After that I fell asleep for the first time in days. I dreamt about when the Earth hadn’t been inhabited by, murderous rogue angels, when a sixteen year old girl could go to school without living in fear of being killed. The world has changed a lot in the past few days. 

I woke up in complete darkness. I pretended to still be asleep and listened for some kind of sound. I reached into for my belt that usually held my dagger, I wasn’t wearing it, I realised I wasn’t wearing pants either, only an oversized shirt and undies. I panicked. Slowly I got out of bed and felt across the wall for a light switch. I found one and turned it on. The room was empty. Where was Drake, I felt a feeling of abandonment wash over me, my body convulsed as I fought back tears. I searched around for clothes. I found a pair of pants and pulled them on. I spotted the vial Drake had showed me earlier, it was now full of a deep purple liquid, and beside it was another one that looked exactly the same. They were attached to chains so that they looked like necklaces. Someone touched my hips from behind; I immediately went into attack mode. I turned around and threw them against the wall. They hit it and slid down.

“Shoot Ember, what was that? Last time I remember you could hardly throw a punch.” I just stood there, refusing to move closer, a growl started in the back of my throat. “Settle down Em, it’s just me, I swear it”

I moved closer and held him against the wall and looked at his eyes. They were still the same gorgeous blue I remembered. I pulled my hand gently through his raggedy light brown hair. I pulled him to his feet “I’m so sorry Drake.” He pulled me to him.

“It’s okay, I understand how you feel.” He walked me backwards to the table and lifted me up so I was sitting on it. I spread my legs and hugged him closer. “I went to a Laundromat and washed your clothes for you.”

“Thanks, next time let me take my own clothes off.” He mumbled something that sounded like sorry.  He moved away and handed me my clothes, they were warm and smelled like laundry powder.  I slipped them on while Drake had his back turned.  “I’m done” He turned back around holding my belt, sword and dagger in his hands.

“You’ve kept these in good shape” He unsheathed the sword and inspected it. I’d recently sharpened and cleaned it, I had to so I could continue to fight these angel-like creatures that seemed to have a vendetta against humanity and had vowed to destroy them to save the endangered animals of planet earth and everything else that was slowly disappearing. I didn’t believe it in the slightest. I got where they’re coming from, but why begin it like this.

“Ember, are you okay?” I looked deep into his eyes, they seemed to care, to truly wonder how I was feeling. I remembered when I had looked into the eyes of the angel; they had been scared and hurt. Maybe humanity hadn’t just been destroying what we had on Earth, maybe we had also begun to harm wherever these creatures had come from. I remember piercing an angel through its heart with my sword, wincing at the scream that, not only reverberated through the air, but echoed through my head. It was a scream of pure rage and hurt, it resounded through my consciousness, through my very soul. It sounded through the streets after I burned the body, like it was more than just the dying angel in my arms screaming, but all the other angels screaming with it. The angels inhuman eyes widened, the grass and trees around me died, it was spring, they were meant to be in full bloom. Its short cropped hair lost its shine, I’d quickly cut up his body parts. 

He had looked so human. I’d guessed it was a guy. I turned away as I lit the fire that would send him to a permanent death. I walked away from his burning body. I’d come back the next day to mourn, but the ashes were gone, in its place was what appeared to be a female angel, Her hair hung across her face dirty and knotty, her wings drooped, tattered and torn. This had probably been his mate. There were flowers growing out of the road were I’d burned his body. They were black roses her way of showing her grief. I’d lifted my blade and swung it through the air straight through her.....

“Ember?” Drake waved his hand in front of my face, jolting me out of the past and into the present. He was standing in front of me, shaking me by the shoulders. “Em, what are you doing? Wake up!” He shook me so hard my head spun, he let go of my shoulders and I fell forwards into him. He caught me hugged me to him. The dizziness passed and I was able to speak.

“The angels, I think by destroying and creating chaos in our world, were also doing the same to theirs.” He looked at me half confused and then slowly he realised what I’d said.

“So you think the angel’s world is somehow tied to ours, kind of like a mirror image.” We’d always thought alike.

“I’ve killed about three or four angels and each one has been tied to something that has happened to me, two of them, once I pierced their hearts, the flowers and trees began to die. Another one, a fight across the street between two humans broke up, they were about to beat the crap out of each other and instead they just walked away. The fourth was somehow encouraging a fire to burn down an old orphanage, I threw my dagger and it hit him straight through the heart. The fire instantly died down. And the one that killed my parents, when he died, the storm brewing outside disappeared, and only blue sky was left.” He pulled back and gazed into my eyes, searching for an      answer. Apparently he found it.

“Basically you think that each different angel controls different parts of our world, wars, life and death, fire and probably all other elements and separate parts of the world similar to that.”


“So would the angel’s blood we put in that mixture give us the power to create storms...” I cut him off, my theory was similar yet so different and more complex.

“I think if we took that..... Potion… you’ve created, my theory is that it will bring out our inner angel meaning that we could become any kind of angel, with a vast range of elemental powers, and that the angel is hidden inside, in our souls. By taking that potion, the mixture of angel blood and whatever else you have blended in with it, will release the angel inside us, transforming us into what we are trying to fight.”

“You mean I could be like the angel of death and you could be the angel of life.” I nodded. “That would be totally awesome” Drake was obviously always going to suffer from teenage boy syndrome, no matter how serious the situation. I ruffled his hair, slid my hand gently down the side of his face, he put one hand over mine and the over on my hip. I placed my right hand on his right shoulder, his left hand squeezed my hip gently, slowly we swayed to the silent beat of our hearts, and they were perfectly in sync. Drake twirled me around the room, past his bed and the blue-green walls. I joined my hands behind his neck as he placed his other hand on my other side. Drake pulled me close and I laid my head on his shoulder. This is the closest we’ve ever gotten. And it felt....safe. Being with Drake made me feel as though I was floating in the embrace of a soft fluffy cloud, untouchable, safe…

“What are we doing Drake?”

“Dancing” He whispered, his breath tickling my ear.

“I meant with everything, how are we supposed to survive, if we somehow manage to save man from these angels, save ourselves, how are we supposed to do this?” He stepped back slightly, he grabbed my chin in his fingers hand and lifted my head up, he looked into my eyes and kissed me lightly on the lips, I closed my eyes and a tear slid down my cheek. He kissed the tear off my cheek and pulled my into a warm hug. He squeezed me tightly and I squeezed back.

“How will we do this?” he asked, repeating my question. “We will do this together.” He reached around me and turned on a switch. Music began to play softly. We swayed to the music this time. Wrapped in each other’s arms, our tears falling, silently mourning our fallen friends. He danced me over to an old couch over turned in the corner. Drake flipped it back over and we sat down on it together. Snuggled in each other’s arms on the couch. We lay there for the rest of the day until nightfall. Drake stood up at about 6:15pm and walked to the table in the centre of the room. He picked up both vials and came back and sat beside me. Facing me he held them up, one in each hand. “These aren’t temporary; drinking from these vials will permanently turn us into angels. We will have the power to send them back to where they came from, the problem is we may have to go with them, we might not be able to.....” I cut him off by clamping my hand over his mouth. He stopped talking. 

“I don’t care what happens, only that it happens while I am with you.” He gazed in my eyes, I stared back into his blue eyes. I removed my hand from his mouth and ran it through his once short brown hair. Slowly he leaned in and I got the kiss I had been dreaming of for the past three years, ever since that night when we had gone camping, stuck in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by our friends. Drake and I had gone for a walk in the bush, it had been in the middle of spring. We’d been talking, not really about anything. We talked about the stars, planets, what we wanted to do after school, anything. The night was clear, we’d ended up walking in circles, staying out for hours together, keeping the camp fire in our sights. I missed how normal and easy life had been. So much had changed in the past three years, especially us and how we felt about one another.

Drake bit my lip, so I bit his back. That’s how it had always been for us, mucking around, getting into trouble, fighting and flirting. Slowly, reluctantly we pulled apart. Romance could wait, humanity couldn’t. If our human race was to survive we had to act quickly and without hesitation. We had a plan that we hoped would help us infiltrate and help the angel creatures back to where they came from, most likely with us leaving this Earth as well. I snuggled into Drake’s arms, his warm embrace, washing away my pain, comforting me, reassuring me that everything would be okay. 

We stayed up most of the night, talking and laughing. But eventually we couldn’t stall any longer. Together we undid the lids of our vials. We clunked them together and slowly, cautiously, poured the contents into our mouths. It tasted revolting. We swallowed, gagging at how disgusting it was. A tingle went through me, it felt like I was on fire; Drake looked like he was in pain more than just an odd tingling sensation. I watched Drake shake and shiver as my skin felt like it was crawling. Drake fell backwards on the couch, ripples running through his arms and legs, I went to see if he was okay but I passed out halfway to reaching for him. I lay on top of him unconscious, Drake’s body vibrating and shaking.

When I awoke my body was warm and tingly. I felt happy, bubbly and energetic. I smiled as I felt Drake stir underneath me; I found his hand and squeezed it gently. He sat up and I leant into him on the couch we’d fallen asleep on. I looked over the other side of the room at the clock. It was 2:00 in the afternoon. We’d been out for over twelve hours. I sat back and looked at Drake’s face to see if he had changed, his hair had black streaks and his eyes were.....even more mesmerising. Instead of being just plain blue, black was swirled in with them. Apparently I looked different as well because Drake’s eyes had just widened and his mouth had dropped.

“What?” I asked innocently, he just sat there gaping at me like a fish. Dark circles around his eyes made him look evil and sexy. Slowly he stood me up. As he did I felt my shirt breaking and tearing, I saw his do the same. I shook out my back feeling the need to stretch. As Drake stretched, massive black feathered wings spread from his back; I felt something emerge from my back as well. I reached around Drake and stroked his soft wings. They were elegant yet disastrous, as if in one movement of the air around them could destroy a whole city. He walked pass me, over to a rectangular shape covered in cloth. He removed the cloth and beckoned me to his side. Together we stood, amazed at how much we had changed overnight.

My hair was usually a light brown, stubborn and curly. Now it was completely straight and black, red streaks raced down the side, giving my hair the appearance of burning embers. The coloured part of my eyes was no longer blue or green, they were a deep red, merged with lines of black, looking into them reminded me of gazing into a burning campfire. My skin was still ashen white but it no longer looked abnormal. Beside me Drake could not keep his eyes off the mirror. “You look sexy” I smiled, flirting with him. Our wings matched completely, both black as death, shimmering like the midnight sky.

I followed Drake to a cupboard on the opposite wall near his bed. He opened the door and reached in. He pulled out something that looked like black leather. He held one up for me. I pulled it quickly from his grasp in excitement. Pulling on the clothing I ran for the mirror. Now I looked like a sexy badass angel. Wearing a black leather halter top, black leather miniskirt attached to leather tights. Turning around, I watched Drake pull on his sexy attire. He was wearing long black pants and combat boots. Completely shirtless with a sword tied at his hip. He looked like the embodiment of war. I nearly melted on the spot. I felt my fingertips tingle.

“Holy crap! Ember, look at your hands.” I looked down at my hands; sitting on the palm of my hand was a ball of fire. I smiled and juggled it from hand to hand.

“Hey Drake, catch.” He flinched as I threw it at him. I blinked and put out the fire just before it hit him.

“You are going to be a handful, aren’t you” I nodded and ran up to him wrapping my arms around him. I looked down at his stomach. His abs were amazing, I ran a finger down the middle of them, tracing their shape, letting a little bit of heat escape. “At least you won’t get cold anymore.” I frowned, upset.

“But that takes away my excuse to hug you.” He lifted my chin up, my eyes looking at his eyes instead of his v-bone.

“You can hug me anytime” He smiled his sexy, teasing smile and wrapped his arms around me Lifting me off the ground, when he put me down I tried returning the favour by lifting him off the ground, apparently being a fire angel didn’t mean I got strength. I fell backwards on my ass, Drake landing on top of me.

“Get off fatty” I shouted at him, instead he leant forward so his abs was right on my stomach, and I swear I just orgasmed. I tried to push him but he refused to budge. Teasingly, he leaned in and planted a kiss on my mouth, his hands holding mine above my head. I moaned. God was I horny. His tongue stroked my top lip, begging for entrance, rather than letting his tongue into my mouth, I took my chance and rolled him over while he was distracted, putting myself on top. I straddled his hips and held his hands above his head so I was stretched out on top of him. He didn’t even struggle; I think he was getting happy at my hips being on top of his. He smiled teasingly, my heart leaped in my chest. I let his arms go and snuggled into his shirtless chest. His arms embraced me, my wings curling back into my shoulder blades. Drake rolled onto his side so his wings would do the same. We just lay there curled on the carpet, our wrestling match apparently over, I smiled happily, I’d told him I would win eventually. He stroked my new hair while I played flirtingly with his abs.

Unfortunately eventually we would have to face the horror of the outside world. Together we sharpened and cleaned our swords and daggers. Drake being the angel of war rarely had to make sure he kept his powers in check, mostly only requiring to control them around humans, I, however, had to control mine everywhere that way I didn’t consume the Earth in a ball of fire. Apparently that was possible. Drake had to concentrate, imagine the whole scene, release certain emotions and control many thoughts to produce a simple feud, and it was even harder to create a full on, all out world war. Whereas I could create the end of the world for all beings, immortal and mortal, with just a thought, Fire.

Standing side by side, we exited our safe zone and entered a world of chaos. The moon was high in the sky; we could see the moon as clearly as if we were looking at it through a telescope, rather than the stars looking like tiny pricks of light, they looked like bright, glowing light bulbs, full of life and colour, and we could even point out individual galaxies and planets. It was magnificent, a whole different world. Drake and I walked hand in hand down the street. Looking for a sign of life searched the whole town in less than five minutes. We couldn’t see anyone. I stopped Drake; he looked down at me, a questioning look in his eyes.

“What if the angels don’t search for...?” I nearly said us, but that wasn’t how we were anymore. “What if the angels search for humans mentally not physically?” Drake stopped walking, thinking for a while about if that was possible. Slowly we sat down on a nearby bench; he closed his eyes, so did I. I breathed in, deeply, calming myself and emptying all thought from my head. It was easier meditating as an angel, nothing interrupted my concentration. I felt the fire building up inside me, I let it surround me. Warmth spread into the world around me, I used it to search for other minds, human and supernatural. I felt Drake’s mind beside mine, it was a black bubbling mass filled with hatred but... there was also love. It was aimed at me; I felt our consciousness dance around together, automatically attracted to one another. 

After a few minutes we concentrated on finding other minds, I spread my fire into the world, searching. There were black masses like Drake’s most were filled with pure hatred and evil, others weren’t as bad. A few were surrounded by swirling black ravens and illusions, mostly corpses; I assumed these were the angels of death. Others were filled with light and love, plants and animals. Seasons were quite common; I stayed away from the harsh cold of winter, but embraced and flirted with the warmth of the summer angels. Finally I found other fire angels, their minds completely corrupt with destruction, violence and slaughter. They walked basically hand in hand with the angels of war and death.

These angels were completely opposite from me, I feared if I embraced the fire completely I may become like them, violent and murderous. Instead of continuing to search for the minds and consciousness of others, I flinched away from the fire, away from the warmth and energy. I broke my concentration, distracted by what could happen if I used the fire. 

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