Embers Of The Fire Angel

This is a story I've been writing for a couple years, I'm hoping to finish it eventually and get it published. Its sort of apocalyptic, the world ends by an invasion of rogue angels and two teenagers, a boy and a girl who fall in love, are the only two people left, they must give up their humanity in order to save the world and the good angels.


12. Drake's P.O.V

It had been a week since I had found Talutah, and in that one week, Talutah had grown from a tiny baby dragon too an almost fully grown beast. Able to soar through the sky, breathe fire and even shoot ice out of her mouth, she was growing into an amazing dragon, her scales glittering like a blood red horizon, her horns extended into massive silver spikes, her scaly butterfly wings spanning almost four times the size of her body, about two metres on both sides. Talutah had grown into a beautiful, young dragon. And Ember’s cat Luna was still a young kitten, it seemed she was stuck at the age she had been when she had died.

Ember and I were hanging around in our room in the Angel’s headquarters, discussing the events of the past week, so far we had managed to become fully trained warriors, our abilities completely developed and enhanced to their full capacity. Now we are just waiting for the right time to take down the rogue angels. Small groups had already begun infiltrating their main bases, collecting information what their plans were and all out taking them down slowly and silently from the inside without attracting any attention to our plans. Fairly soon we would be joining them, along with hundreds of other angels like us.

We lay back on the bed, Ember’s head resting against my stomach, I slowly stroked her hair, our hearts pulsing to the same rhythm, our breath mingling and melding. Together we lived as one, each a separate half, finally joined, never to be broken apart. This thought warmed me and filled my heart with joy. I hoped this moment would never end. It felt like it was just Ember and I, alone together in our own small world, filled with happiness. I reached down and took Ember’s hand in mine. She looked up, her eyes half closed from tiredness, hidden beneath her hair. I clenched her hand in mine, stroking her palm with my thumb. She looked at me questioningly. “Ember, remember that, no matter what happens, I will always love you, no matter where I go, or where go, we will always find our way back to each other. I am yours forever, I love you.” Tears filled her eyes as I spoke, a smile broke out across her face and she nodded her head.

“Always and forever, I love you too Drake.”  Together we leaned forward, our movements synchronised, and as our lips met it felt like the world around us had exploded. Our bodies alive with an electric chemistry that flowed between us, energetic and full of love, I could never imagine being with anyone else. I loved Ember with all my heart, and in that one moment I had no doubt at all that she didn’t feel the same. My Ember, my one and only.

A loud crash came from downstairs, snapping us out of our moment together, pulling us back into reality. There was a war being prepared just outside our room, we would have time to be together later, I hoped. Ember and I shot of the bed, through the door leading into our room, colliding with Luna and Talutah. We all fell in one big heap on the ground, I managed to catch Ember just before she hit the ground, I smiled and kissed her playfully on her nose as she looked up at me through her gorgeous eyes, cheeks flushed slightly red, her hair falling into her face. She will always be my perfect angel no matter what happened.

Luna cleared her throat in a sophisticated manner and told us to hurry up, Ash and Carmen were waiting for us downstairs with the other angels. Together we all made our way downstairs to face what Ever Ash and Carmen had for us.

Several Angels waited for u downstairs, spread out in a long line, facing us as we descended a grim look upon their faces. The one Angel standing in the centre stood taller and prouder than the rest, slightly more relaxed than the others. He seemed to be the one in command, as though the other Angels were his followers, tensed and ready for the next order.

“We know what you are!” he stated. We all touched down as a group but Ember stepped forward first.

“Then you must also know why we are” her response was so simple yet it seemed to light a fire through the Angels standing before us, as if she was not meant to speak.

The second Angel stepped forward, a look of disgust on his face, as if the words that were to come from his mouth had a vile taste to them “And that is why we are here, we require your help, you are somewhat different to us, we…” The Angel in the centre cut him off.

“That is enough Enzio!” The Angel, Enzio, bowed his head and stepped back into his place in the line of angels. I watched as Enzio stood there with his head bowed, the other Angels doing the same, obviously this Angel in the centre was their leader. As he looked at our group, I tried looking back at him, tried making direct eye contact, not exactly challenging him, but showing him that we weren’t weak or afraid, but for some reason I was unable to do so. Ember stood in front, shoulders back, head up, facing him straight on. But I was unable to do so. Luna and Talutah also had their heads bowed. Interesting. When the Angel in the centre spoke next, it seemed like he was speaking straight to Ember.

“My name is Lyzanda, you must be Ember.” Ember nodded her head, just a small movement, still making eye contact with Lyzanda, the Angel in the centre. “Am I right in saying that you came here to stop the Angels currently inhabiting and destroying your home, that you transformed yourselves into Angels to be able to do so, and that throughout the past few weeks you have undertaken formal training to be able to continue your quest and eradicate the Angels from Earth back to whist they came from?”

“Lyzanda, you must understand, we did not know they were Fallen Angels, turned rogue from hunger, we thought you were all the same, looking for a new land to inhabit and seeking to satisfy your greed for power and bloodlust by slaughtering us for entertainment. We now understand that there are those of you that are with us in fighting this and wish to save your own wonderful place from destruction, we have come to see that where you live is tied to where we live and that these Rogue angels intend to destroy both in order to create their own.” Lyzanda nodded, a slight smile beginning to appear in the corner of his lips.

“I’m glad we have come to a quick mutual understanding young Ember. You and your friends are welcomed into our ranks and we invite you to fight at our sides and rid our worlds of these Fallen creatures.” Ember stepped forward, her smile lighting up the room, burning with an intense fire, her readiness to fight arousing a sense of hop in Everyone at the thought of taking back what was theirs and finally being able to live in peace.

“It will be an honour to fight by your side” Lyzanda opened his arms, Ember stepped forward and he wrapped his arms around her, his wings folding to hide them both. A brilliant white light shone through the feathery embrace, slowly shifting into a raging fire. The surrounding angels watched in amazement, stepping back, eyes and mouths agape in wonder. This had obviously never happened before. The raging fire came to cease, Lyzanda’s wings opened, Ember stepped back, a mysterious pattern tracing its way along her wings, swirling across and weaving its way through, the dark black wings now glowing with an ethereal light, the black broken by fiery red patterns, burning like the coals of a young fire.

“Welcome Ember the Fire Angel!”

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