Embers Of The Fire Angel

This is a story I've been writing for a couple years, I'm hoping to finish it eventually and get it published. Its sort of apocalyptic, the world ends by an invasion of rogue angels and two teenagers, a boy and a girl who fall in love, are the only two people left, they must give up their humanity in order to save the world and the good angels.


8. Drake's P.O.V

We were torn apart, ripped in half by the storm, Ember thrown in the opposite direction, taken away from me again. I was tossed into the forest, twisting and turning, crashing into trees, destroying, wrecking, flattening whole sections of the vast green land. Animals barely managing to escape the devastation, I carved a path of wreckage through the forest, finally coming to a stop in the middle of a clearing. I rolled on my side coughing up bits of sticks and leaves, the debris from my crash still floating to the ground. Not only does war destroy but angels of war do as well.

I lifted myself to my feet, swaying unsteadily on my feet, my magnificent wings now hung in tatters at my side, droopy and worn, like a moth-eaten towel, ragged and ripped. Useless. I closed my eyes, hiding from the pain and loss, not only physical but also emotional, I had lost Ember, would I Ever be able to find her again? Of course I would, think positively Drake, this is in no way the end of the world, losing Ember is heart-breaking, but I will find her again, I have to, for mine and her sake, and also because we have things we have to do, such as save the whole of humanity from angels that apparently wish to take our world as theirs, I mean their world for ours. I’m an angel now, seeking to save Earth from the fallen angels who seek to destroy it and to help the angels piece it back together.

I closed my eyes as a strange tingling sensation spread through my body, focused on my wings, growing to a searing hot pain that coursed through my veins. It felt like a fire was raging across my wings, they extended to their full length, lifting me up into the air and spinning me in a vortex, eventually setting me on the ground. I landed in a crouch fists clenched against the ground, breathing heavy. My wings were healed, back to their full strength. Shimmering like the midnight sky, the feathers rippling where Ever the light hit them, glinting and shinning. I stood slowly, stretching out my body with the gracefulness of a cat. The forest no longer looked damaged either, every tree, rock, leaf, everything was intact.

I walked around the clearing, trying to find which way I had come from, but all the trees looked the same, no gaps, no tears, no way back. I circled back to where I landed and all but collapsed on the ground, exhausted, I closed my eyes and imagined Ember, how we used to be before the fallen angels had begun corrupting humanity, before humanity had been almost destroyed. School was boring, home was uninteresting and Ember was my shining beacon, burning brighter than any fire, my one friend that I could trust. I wish we could have spent more time together. Tears welled in my eyes and my heart crumbled. The pain was unbearable, but it wasn’t the pain of heart-break, it was the pain of being burnt by fire. I turned my head to the side to find myself against a tree, its branches burning, singed by a fire like no other. The fire was black as coal, ominous and impervious, glowing, igniting a fire inside me, rekindling my passion and my will to find my way back to Ember so we can do what we need to together.

I scrambled to my feet, shaking with an excitement I have never felt before, my skin seemed to glitter, anticipation and adrenaline burning through me, making my nerves jump, something was close and that something was going to be amazing. Curiosity took control and I dragged my hand through the black fire, a familiar feeling ran through me, it pulled at me, drawing me towards it, pulling me closer. The black fire disappeared, reappearing a couple metres away at on another tree, the first tree held not a single scorch mark. Curiously I walked forward. Usually I could ignore my curiosity, brushing it off and walking away, but this was like a chain had been strung into me, held in with an anchor, caught between my ribs, wedged into the centre of my heart.

I followed the fire as it changed from tree to tree, traveling towards the sunset. As I reached for the fire it would disappear and reappear attached to another tree. I stroked my fingers along the fire, I’d been traveling for hours now, the sun finally set below the horizon, the moon shining brilliantly in the sky, the stars surrounding it glittering like a thousand metallic gems scattered in a dark room, sparkling under a strobe light. The fire wrapped around my hand this time, engulfing my arm, then my chest, wrapping itself around my entire body.

Swallowing me whole, the world disappearing, the only thing visible the dancing limbs of the coal black fire, images flashed across my vision. Ember and I when we had first became angels, wings shimmering and shining, war and fire parading in our eyes, stunning, brilliant. Ember and I in the storm torn apart, then Ember alone, wandering through the forest, my heart burst, reaching towards her, unable to reach her but still trying. Ember staring at something adoringly, a smile like I had never seen before lit up her face, features glowing, the image passed, changing to me, standing in the midst of trees, oaks, sullen and sombre, branches seeming to stretch towards the sky, but losing their will half way and drooping back to the ground.

My face was lit up just like Ember’s, happiness flooding my features, I reached down and pulled a dark shape into my arms, it was small and scaled, with wings extending from its body, barbed tail wrapping around my chest, it breathed the same coal black fire that had been burning the trees, streaming from its mouth and nostrils, encircling my body and draping the flames over my wings, cloaking their inky midnight feathers in deep, coal black fire. Draping the flames over my wings, cloaking their inky midnight feathers in deep, coal black fire. Yet not burning them, no scorch marks or tears.

I watched the images in amazement, slowly the smoke dissipated, leaving me among the darkness of the trees. I closed my wings, holding them against my back. I leapt into the air, floating above the trees, I stretched my wings out from behind my back and hovered above the trees, sweeping my wings through the air, just enough to keep me airborne. I searched the forest, scouring the trees to find the circle of oaks. I spotted the oaks mere metres from where I had been standing. I dropped from the sky landing in the centre, in the middle of a ring of coal black fire, the circle of fire shrunk so it was just touching my body, encircling my outstretched wings, draping itself over every part of my body. “Drake” a little voice called my name from outside the flame, “Drake” It called again, “Drake” it wasn’t Ember, but it did sound feminine, “Drake” like little bells jingling, a wind chime, chiming as the wind rustled it about. I walked out side of the circle of flames, searching for the little voice.

“Hello?” I asked “Where are you?”

“Drake, my Drake, come to me Drake.” I made my way to the edge of the oaks. My eyes scanning under the trees, searching in the darkness for where the voice was coming from. A shape moved in the darkness, leaping out at me, I opened my arms instinctively to catch it before it collided with my face. I fell backwards, tripping over a root that was protruding out of the ground. The creature nuzzled into my arms, its hot breath tickling my chin. I lifted my head off the ground to find a long, scaly snout poking its way over my face, above the snout were its eyes, shaped like a cats, they were the colour of blood, deep red blood, swirling through black storm clouds, the pupil a slit of black, slashing through the centre. She looked amazing, her scales, the same colour as my wings, they seemed to ripple wherever the light hit them, her snout held a razor sharp thorn, her head held to horns, coming to a silver point. She was gorgeous, her wings similar to a butterflies, expanding like a mask, the same red as her eyes, with black outlining shapes with her wings, symmetrical patterns that seemed to tell a story.

She was a tiny dragon, small yet fierce, her fiery blood, eyes peering at me from over her smoky snout, she was my familiar. “Drake” Her voice chiming through the circle of the oaks. “What, my ..Name.” She stuttered over her words, her English undeveloped, she sounded like a small innocent child.

I thought for a moment, wandering what her name should be, she was a deep black colour with streaks of blood red in certain light, her eyes were a smoky blood red also. I placed my hand on her head and she nuzzled into it. Once again images flashed through my head, images showing my dragon as she grew, Talutah, one screamed. The images stopped, Talutah was looking at me, her eyes wide, looking deep into mine.

“Drake, Drake?!” This time it was Ember. I pulled myself to my feet, careful not to jolt Talutah.

“Ember, I’m over here” I made my way through the bush towards Ember.

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