Embers Of The Fire Angel

This is a story I've been writing for a couple years, I'm hoping to finish it eventually and get it published. Its sort of apocalyptic, the world ends by an invasion of rogue angels and two teenagers, a boy and a girl who fall in love, are the only two people left, they must give up their humanity in order to save the world and the good angels.


4. Drake's P.O.V

Drake’s P.O.V

I woke up at what felt like four in the morning, I squeezed my arms around Ember, but she wasn’t there. My eyes flashed open. Where was she? Was this all a dream, where was I, I couldn’t remember? I tried not to panic. Breathe Drake, breathe. Ember’s around here somewhere. “Drake, calm down.” Her voice echoed through my head and I listened to her, it was a lot easier now that I knew she was still alive.

“Are you okay?” I asked in my mind.

“I’m fine; I didn’t want to wake you so I replaced myself with a pillow.” She explained gently. Of course she could stay calm, she was the optimist.

“How did you make it so warm and life like? Wait I know the answer fire girl.” I smiled teasingly, even though I knew she wasn’t there.

“Who says I’m not?” I jumped as her voice came from above me, I looked up and she tackled me.

“Come on sleepy, let’s go get some breakfast, I’m starving.” At the mention of food my stomach growled its answer. She laughed, her eyes sparkling, she was beautiful her wings extending behind her, sword clipped to her hip and a dagger strapped in each boot. Her skirt shimmered and glittered like her wings, a perfect reflection of the night sky, her halter top highlighted her curves. Ember had grown up so much lately, going from a shy sixteen year old to a confident young woman in just a week or so. I admired her and envied her, I’d seen how much sadness she hid inside, how did she hide it so well. “I have you.” She replied so simply but it meant so much to me. I reached for her hand and she put out her hand, we met in the middle. Together we walked to the edged of our room. Looking down we spread our wings, I bent my legs and jumped into the air, forgetting I hadn’t had much flying experience, I started to fall, once again I panicked. Ember gently squeezed my hand, “Just follow your instincts and let your heart be your guide.” I closed my eyes breathed in and flew towards the ceiling, bringing Ember with me. I reached the very top of the cave and looked down. I dove towards the floor, Ember laughing behind.

I pulled up and placed my feet on the ground. Half folding away our wings we walked to the side of the room. A machine was sitting on the bench; instructions beside it read, insert hand in box to your left, count to five and remove your hand. I looked at Ember confused. She rolled her eyes. “It’s easy; I’ve been watching over angels do it all morning.” She gently moved me aside and put her hand in the box. I breathed in a deep breath, counted to five and let it out in a surprised gasp when she pulled out her hand. In her palm was a plate of food. Pancakes, bacon and salami, accompanied with a small bowl of sauce and a glass of what looked like orange juice. “You only have to think of the food you love the most or want the most, close your eyes, concentrate and count to five. And then pull your hand out and there it is.”

“That is awesome.” Ember smiled and laughed at my reaction. She dragged me over to the machine and cautiously I stuck my hand in. I closed my eyes and concentrated on what I wanted for breakfast and I counted to five. One……….two………..three…………four………….FIVE. Cautiously I pulled out my hand, on it was a plate of food, toast, eggs, bacon, sauce and a massive glass filled with chocolate milk. Ember smiled and laughed, several angels behind her laughed as well, in the middle of the plate was a sign that read- I love you Ember. That had been the one thing I couldn’t keep from my mind. I felt myself blushing as we walked to a secluded table in the corner. At least now she had an idea of how I felt.

I placed my plate on the table and pulled out a chair for Ember. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and sat down; I kissed her back, a quick peck on her lips. She giggled, her turn to blush. I sat down across from her, digging in to my magical breakfast. It was better than I expected. After breakfast Ember and I raced out of the cave, she had given me a ball of fire to light my way in case I fell behind. I had told her that was unlikely but I took it anyway, she could see without light, I couldn’t, I refused to give her that advantage even though she may need it. We took off at top speed, pushing each other out of our way. In less than three seconds we emerged from the cave at the exact same time, speeding through the forest we hadn’t noticed the night before. Flashes of red and black raced through the shrubbery on either side, but I was caught up on beating the magnificent looking lady beside me.

“I’m a young lady, boy.”

“Point taken,” I replied, laughing at her statement. Side by side we exited the forest, racing over we joined hands. Ember apparently thinking we were going to run asked.

“So you think you can keep up this time Drake.” Mocking me? I knew she was, so instead of running with her I spread my wings and took off into the forever cloudless sky of Wolke von Englen. Letting out a burst of bubbly laughter, she spread her feathery wings and flew after me. I laughed with her, enjoying the feeling of wind blowing through my brown hair. Steadily, rain began to fall, even though no clouds occupied the sky. It reminded of me of those we had left behind on Earth, but I didn’t let that bring me down of my high, I knew my family would be happy that I was having fun. I did as Ember had instructed and forgot it, I was needed here and I was going to save the world from being destroyed by the corruptive angels.

By the time Ember and I arrived at the training centre we had become saturated by the rain. We fell in a wet heap against the wall. I pulled Ember into my arms, expecting her to be shivering as she usually did. Instead her skin was radiating warmth, I felt her pushing it into me with her mind. Slowly the warmth that emanated from her spread through both of us, heating me from the inside.  Soon we were completely dry and warm. I squeezed Ember tight before I let her go. We walked towards the angel at the counter who looked up as we approached. Her eyes were a vibrant, magical purple, they stormed and thundered. This was a true weather angel. She smiled like it was the last thing we would see, I fought the urge to flinch away. Ember sensing my unsettled emotions, grabbed my hand and squeezed it supporting me, letting me know she has my back.

“We were wondering if Ash and Carmen were here yet.” I asked politely.

Her smile lessened in strength until it was polite and gentle, helpful. “Take the elevator to the roof, you’re a little early, so just take your time and look around a bit.” She nodded and showed us to the elevator. There were no buttons, just a door. I looked behind me to ask how we were supposed to open the door. But she wasn’t there. Curiosity overcame my better judgement and I pulled on the handles of the door, they opened easily. I leaned in and looked straight up through the roof. Ember gave me a little push and I had to spread my wings to stop myself from falling, I heard a laugh coming from through the door, I looked back at where we had come from and the angel at the desk was laughing. I smiled and waved good bye as I closed the doors behind me, Ember jumped past me and began her ascent towards the roof where Ash and Carmen were to review our skills in fighting, flying, telepathy and speed.

I reached the roof, my eyes and mind searching for Ember, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Something dropped onto my back. “You always forget to look up.” I couldn’t tell whether she was chiding me or mocking me. I flipped her off and tackled her to the ground. She rolled me off so she was on top, I tickled her off, even as an angel she was ticklish, she laughed and squirmed. Quickly she jumped off me and flew down the track, at least that’s what it looked like, I couldn’t tell if her feet touched the ground or not, she was so fast. I got to my feet and sped after her. Wind streaked through my hair and the world swept past me in a blur. I don’t know how long we ran for, eventually she slowed down so I was running beside her and together we ran around and around the track. After about what felt like twenty or so times we came face to face with Ash and Carmen.

“I see you’ve already started.” Carmen observed, flicking her hair behind her shoulder and up into a ponytail. “Let us join you.” Ash and Carmen raced ahead onto the track, Ember ran after them and I followed, after only a few minutes we were done with the running and onto sword fighting. I fought Ash and Carmen fought Ember, it was a test of speed and strength. Ash tested my agility, moving from side to die, spinning, and knocking me off my feet. He tested my strength and my overall skill, I didn’t fall, I didn’t need a rest. I’d fought angels before, I’ve had to fight for my life, back then I was only a human, now I was an angel, but not just any angel, I was an angel of war. Fighting was in my blood, in my every waking hour. With one last swift blow I swept Ash off his feet and onto the ground. He looked up to me and nodded, he’d been so close, I could hardly catch my breath, if he had hit me just one more time I would have failed. I glanced over at Ember. They were already waiting for us. 

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