Embers Of The Fire Angel

This is a story I've been writing for a couple years, I'm hoping to finish it eventually and get it published. Its sort of apocalyptic, the world ends by an invasion of rogue angels and two teenagers, a boy and a girl who fall in love, are the only two people left, they must give up their humanity in order to save the world and the good angels.


2. Drake’s P.O.V

Half an hour later, after searching for somewhere to begin our journey, I broke out of my meditation, revelling in the feel of being back in the normal world, I stretched out my muscles, I’d been sitting still for what felt like hours. I turned to look at Ember, my only friend left alive and also my girlfriend. Tears streaked her face, I reached out to wipe them away, but she flinched away from my touch.

“Did you see the minds of the other fire angels; they were horrid, violent and murderous.” She looked up at me, as if asking would she become like them. I so desperately wanted to say no, that she is too wonderful and caring, loving and sharing. But now that we were angels, immortal and powerful… Able to live forever, controlling our own small parts of the world, I wasn’t so sure.

“I don’t know, we will live forever now, maybe in the future you may fall into that trap. But for now, I know you are safe. As long as we stick together we can keep each other sane.” I told her this truthfully. I believed it completely, and I knew she trusted what I said. I could see it in her eyes and the way she moved around me. I sensed it in her emotions. I guess that was part of being an angel of war, I could sense others emotions, control them and bend them to my will. I refused to control Ember’s emotions though. If I hadn’t known her before we were angels, been able to flirt and befriend her, kiss and love her, see that look in her eyes that showed me I meant something deeper than just a close friend to her, I would have thought I was already controlling her emotions. Now, however, I am sure they are real.

We walked through the streets of our home town, searching for signs of life, something to show that there were still humans here, somewhere. Eventually we arrived in the eastern part, a cemetery lay on one side of the road, weeds crawling over the abandoned head stones, home to the fallen, and the last resting place of lost loved ones. To our right lay a park, the swings moving gently, though there was no breeze. I closed my eyes and imagine how it must have looked just months before. The sun would have been shining, warming the picnickers from head to toe; mats would be dot the field and kids would scream in joy as their parents pushed them on the swings. Bikes and scooters would race down the paths, shooting down the hill at top speed, parents waiting anxiously to run over if their child should fall off.

We grew up in a world like this, Em and I. Climbing trees and running in the wind. Life was had changed so much, we’d grown up fast in the past weeks. Stripped of our mortality and thrown into an uncharted world, one we would never have dreamed could exist. I turned around to see Ember high up in a gum tree, the first branch was nearly 5 metres off the ground, I ran towards the tree, leaped and soared through the air, straight on to the branch where she perched. I looked out at the setting sun following her dreamy gaze; she looked far away, like she was in a different world.

I didn’t speak, for fear that if I spoke I would ruin the peace, we had not had much in days, most had been spent worrying about what was to come, what lies ahead for us. I pulled her into my arms, leaning against the middle of the tree. She relaxed, slightly. Figures began to fill the air, massive winged creatures, flying with what appeared to be some kind of familiar. Two began to fly towards us. I wasn’t sure whether to flee or stay. We definitely weren’t ready for a fight but neither could we outrun them or outfly them. As they approached I recognised one of the angels to be similar to me, another war angel. I glanced at Ember, she knew what the other angel obviously was as well, a fellow fire angel, we both hoped we could trust them or at least find some answers.

They glided towards our branch; we stood up as they reached us, slightly stretching our cramped wings. They looked us up and down, turned to look at each other and nodded, apparently they had found what they were looking for. “You two must be the new ones.” The fire angel said, more of a statement than a question. Slowly we nodded. “Good, it took us ages to find you, where are your familiars?” They looked at us quizzically; we just looked back at them, confused. The fire angel rolled his eyes, “we will help you to find them.” They both stretched out there hands, simultaneously. Ember and I both looked back at each other as we reached out and took the hands of the other angel. Fire to fire, war for war. The angel of war was a stunning female with black hair, as black as coal, different from Ember’s whose was midnight black hair streaked with a fiery red, hers twinkled as if it embodied the nights sky, but this angels hair was like an impenetrable smoke cloud, her features appeared grey and sullen and she wore tights and a long sleeved shirt, two swords strapped to her back, never interfering with her flying. Her eyes and wings were her liveliest features, both seeming to glitter and shine, over powered by emotion and control simultaneously.

The fire angel on the other hand was like Ember, he was alive and excited, moving and burning like flames, Graceful and relaxed, this was slowly what Ember would become once she lost her human side, and their minds were different from those we had seen on the park bench earlier today. His hair was like fire, spreading in every direction, unkempt and uncontrollable, it was black with fiery streaks of red and orange, his eyes never sat on one spot, racing around taking in our surroundings. His wings were the colour of ash and his eyes were the same, pearly white embers of ash. Ember and I joined hands so we wouldn’t be separated; the angels just nodded and smiled a secret smile. Slowly we made our way into the clouds, what awaited us was completely unexpected.

Where we were to spend eternity after we saved humanity was…… I didn’t know how to describe it, words could not express how different and magnificent it was. The streets basically glowed with cleanliness, trees and flowers lined the streets in full bloom, the store fronts were open and inviting, nothing looked out of place even though it was all completely different. Even though it was night time the bars and restaurants weren’t rowdy, they were definitely crowded but no one fought and no one tried to hurt anybody. It was the perfect world. The angels set us gently on the pavement, we all landed but kept our wings out, we didn’t feel the need to hide them here like we did back on Earth. Here I suspected that no clouds would cover the sky but in some mysterious way it would rain, just like it was beginning to now. “The climate and weather here is a mirror of what happens on earth” the Fire Angel explained, “whatever is happening on Earth affects us just the same up here, sometimes even worse because our bodies take longer to adapt than humans.” 

“I know it may not seem important here,” I started, but they both cut me off.

“Sorry how rude of us to forget, my name is Carmen” She pointed to herself, “and this is Ash, obviously it fits him well.” She gestured at the fire angel, who smiled down at her adoringly.

“Are you two together?” Ember asked.

“Yes we are, much in the same way you and your friend are.” Ash smiled at us knowingly, a silent question in his eyes, Ember somehow knew what it was, or maybe it was some kind of fire thing.

“I’m Ember and this is Drake” She replied, that was what Ash had been asking, either telepathically or Ember had just been trying to be polite, as usual. They turned to each other and nodded. Ember and I had a similar look of confusion our faces.

“We will need to review your training before you are able to begin to find your familiar.” I nodded unsure what Ash was talking about. “Have you ever fought with a sword?”

“Yes.” I answered, “We have had a bit of flying experience but not much. Carmen had a surprised look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Ember asked, confused by Carmen’s expression.

“Drake has a very highly developed telepathic ability.” Drake of course blushed but smiled smugly.

“We will begin to train tomorrow for now you should rest.” Ash gestured for us to follow him and Carmen, we did so without hesitation. These were two angels we knew we could trust.


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