No Spoilers >3<


2. Wouldn't let me make the chapter longer XD


          I was fine with winning once against her... we lost track!! Samantha jumped up from her seat and quickly turned around her blonde hair whipped around with her head.


        " We should totally sleepover!! What do you think Hunter, like when we were little" Her eyes were lite with excitement, she did a little victory dance to celebrate her idea.


       " Sure, of course, sounds awesome!!" I honestly I loved her idea, having a mini party like old times when we were like ten or eleven. " Uhm Nat you want to stay or..."


       " Yeah!" She cut me off pushing me playfully. " Why wouldn't I be!?"




        It's like 2 am and finally everybody was starting to yawn. I went into a closet in the hall and grabbed extra blankets I kept for me and Cece in the winter. I spread them across the living room floor for us to sleep on.


       " Hope you guys don't mind sleeping on the ground, I don't have enough beds" Sam instant flopped onto the light red one by the TV stand, John followed her and spread out in a big X. I just sat leaning on the bottom of the sofa, playing frogger on my IPhone. Natalie sat a few feet from me and sprawled out and wrapped her self up like burrito.


      " You don't care if I'm here ,do you?" She turned over, she looked like a worm put on it's back trying to get on it's stomach again, I laughed to my self.


      " Not at all" I layed down pressed against the couch and in about five minutes I was asleep. A dream quickly disrupted the darkness, I saw Nat wearing a long pink dress, pink is definitely her color. She took graceful strides and her eyes met mine she coiled her soft hands into mine, I blushed. Slowly a background painted its self around us, a vast flower field. 


       " Come with me, I want to show you something" I felt like I was in a trance and followed her into a large castle, a tiara appeared on her head and a heavy crown on mine. I felt a rush of happiness, I was her prince. She turned around, done taking me, uhm here, in her room. "We're here" She rustled with something in her purse on her nightstand.


     Then my dream suddenly stopped, I woke up to the sound of a screaming and crying. I tiredly half opened my eyes. Half thinking I mumbled " Quiet I'm trying to sleep" Then logic rushed back to me and I shot up "Wait, whats wrong!?" I covered my mouth resisting the urge to vomit, there between Natalie and Samantha lied a limp, lifeless, blood stained, John. " Oh gosh, oh my... gosh...what...what happened"


     Sam looked up her eyes red from crying " He...He's been... murdered" She burst into tears and hugged John's body getting blood on her top.


    "He is sliced down the middle" Natalie explained glancing painfully at me. "I've heard that people have been "disappearing" well now we know the haven't been getting lost or leaving..." 

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