No Spoilers >3<


5. o3o


            Natalie yanked the duct tape off her lips and pushed her to me while untying the rope on Cece's wrists. "Go on now your brother only has about two hours" she said shoving the two of us to the maze. "Bye bye now" 


           Cece's eyes lit with pure vengeance "Don't worry I have a plan" she tugged me down twists and turns grunting angrily at dead ends, she patted something solid in her pocket. I feebly reached for the pocket to feel what it was and she swatted my fingers away. " Later..." I finally vomited on the maze walls and felt weaker by the minute.


            " Can I'm so...uh tired" I stammered. Cece whipped around ans stared at me like I was retarded.


            " NO! If you may not wake up..." She sobbed the last few words and continued in the paths. We finally entered a large round room with glass box in the center with a bottle in it. Cece read a little note in frustration " Do you have the key? ...DANG IT!! Hunter stay here your too weak, I'll get the key" She sat me down against a wall and stormed back down the tunnel. I felt my entire body go limp and I slumped against the wall trying my very hardest to keep my eyes open. I vomited half expecting me to look like a cartoon character with a green face and my head crashed to the ground, then darkness, only black.


          "C'mon please wake up..." I faintly heard Cece coaxing me to wake.

"Hunter! I got it!" She held a bottle with a light red liquid in it she pushed it to my lips. I expected it to taste like the poison but it was sweet and sugary.  



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