No Spoilers >3<


1. Hope you enjoy!


          The door flung open, a boiling mad Cecilia or Cece stood in the door way. She chucked her navy blue backpack across the room it slammed into the wall and fell to the floor with a thud.


        "Hows it going sis" I asked hesitantly 


        " I got another D" She growled. I pulled a crumpled piece of  paper from her pocket and gently unfolded it.


       " This, you got a D on this? I remember this little science quiz too easy!" I teased her, she was clearly not appreciating it.


       " Thanks" She muttered sarcastically. I shrugged and stuffed the origami snowball back into her pocket. "Well I'm going to my friend Macy's place so yeah I'm going to go get some things to bring there"

        " Well can you leave soon, John is coming over and I haven't seen him during the summer"


       " Yeah, sure, what-eves" She went to her room to get some things.  



     The doorbell rang and I darted to the gray door. I took a deep breath and opened it wide.


       " Hey dude!" John raised his closed hand waiting for a bro-fist I quickly bumped my fist into his. " Guess what I got!" John waved a video game with a colorful cover.


      " Mega Shooterz 4! Dude I've been dying to play that game for... FOREVER!"


      " Well today is your lucky day get that XCube up and runnin'!"


     Not to brag or anything but I totally crushed him... fine! He destroyed me! It sucked! I layed the remote down onto the coffee table.


       "C'mon don't quit! Well... can I invite my girl ,Sammy over and her friend Natalie over for some... girl vs. boys? Maybe you and Nat will hit it off!" He nudged me.



       " Sure dude sounds cool!


      The door suddenly opened I jumped back in surprise. Samantha came in following short behind her was the prettiest girl I have ever seen, Natalie, her silky black hair fell curly right over her shoulders, her gorgeous lime green eyes found themselves right onto mine, her perfectly tanned cheeks flushed a flowery pink. I stared, feeling completely stunned that such a perfect girl could have the slightest, witty bittiest hint of a crush on me. John elbowed me in the side.


      " Oh, uhm... hi" I stuttered feeling like a idiot. 


      " Hi" Her voice was as beautiful as her face, she sat on the couch right next to me I felt my entire body tense. "Mind if I play?"


     " Yeah,uh, why not!" Nat totally destroyed everybody even total strangers on multiplayer!


     Samantha squinted her silver eyes. "Did you practice?! I call hacks!" We all laughed.


     " Nah I don't have a XCube, your lucky Hunter

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