No Spoilers >3<


6. e3e


           I coughed and glanced up at Cece, I felt strength slowly pulse back into my limbs. I heard a distant angry yell and a scraping sound, like metal on metal. "YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DIE!!" Natalie screamed on the top of her lungs, she finally entered the round room dragging a bloodstained machete, sparks shot from the ground. "How dare you defy me!" She swung the sword at the wall, a large chunk crashed to the ground and crumbled into dust and pebbles. Cece took a few steps back.


         " Please you put the antidote here...we got it... I saved him... let us go we promise not to tell" Cece fiddled with the object in her pocket and Natalie lifted her machete, ready to chop her. Still weak I reached for my phone and dialed 911. I muffled the voice and whispered "Shhh just listen" 


        " No no no no, he was still supposed to die, then I could kill you, now I must kill both..." As she swung at Cece's neck, Cece pulled out a small hand pistol and stepped back, a tear rolled down her cheeks.


       " Don't make me shoot you... just stop, we'll get the cops... they'll take you to a nice prison and you won't get a bullet in your head!" Natalie's lime green eyes filled with fear and then anger.


        " Nether..." Natalie swung the machete at her stomach and Cece fired. I saw both girls fall with a bullet hole the other cut... down the middle...


       "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!" I ran to Cece. "Please help me we're at the little kiddy  maze at"


       The cops took Cece and Natalie away I told them all that happened... forever these few days will haunt me... Natalie will haunt me...






 Ok what do you guys think should I literally make a movellas about Natalie's qhost haunting Hunter?

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