No Spoilers >3<


4. =3


            I tried to spit the sour, bitter, cough-medicine-tasting thing out but it had dissolved and slithered down my throat.


            " What the heck was that!" I choked. I shivered as her sad, kind face slip into a evil. I fell to my knees as a sharp pain stabbed my stomach.


            " A little thing I made for this special... Its poison" Just as she wanted, my eyes filled with complete terror. " I killed your friends Hunter... and all the "missing" people, the police can be so stupid"


             " Why... sociopath!!" I tried to punch her but my arm fell, weak.


            " Hush... or I'll rethink my idea of being merciful to you... well in the center of this maze is the antidote... I allow you one companion to help you all though they will surely die... I've picked her for you" She went to the port-a-potty and pulled out a younger girl tied up and duct taped.






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