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3. .3.


           I fumbled over to the coffee table and picked up my IPhone and dialed 9-1-1.


          " 9-1-1 whats your emergency?"




          " Calm down sir, whats your address?"


          In about five minutes the cops started pouring in, they pulled us aside as they took John's body and carried it out on a stretcher. A tall woman with very straight brown hair came up.


          " Hi, I'm Officer Kathrine, but you can call me Kate! We are taking your friend here for further investigation, we'll call you if we find anything at all!" She seemed very cheery, probably her first time at the job by the looks of it. Samantha slowly left slamming the door behind her, I cringed at how forcefully the bang sound followed the slam.




           " Bye" I called to Natalie as she left. Now I was alone again, I stared at the large bloodstain on my usually creamy white carpet. Suddenly my phone rang and quickly grabbed it and held it to my ear"


          " Uhm, Hello?"


          " Hi, Hunter, well uh, just saying that John's... can believe I'm saying, his funeral is in two days..." John's mom said then began to sob again and hung up.




          Wow they did a great job on Johns makeup, he looked good as new, well uh sorta. I placed a small photo of me and John as teenagers  about five years ago, I looked weird when I was seventeen. I tears splashed onto his deep brown wooden casket. I whimpered to my self " Good bye" My phone buzzed in my pocket, I thought I turned you off pest! I pulled it to my face anyways.


         " Natalie, wheres Sam? She isn't at the funeral..." 


         " Uhm uh about that..." She weakly said into the phone.


         " Nat, whats going on" The room fell completely silent, people started to whisper among themselves.


         " Uhm it's Sam, we're at that big kiddy maze... I was trying to take her mind off things, I didn't know the funeral was today, I-"


          " Tell me later... I'm coming!"


               " They, They are the same person who killed my baby!!" I heard John's mom yell as I darted out of the door.




         I saw Natalie terrified, staring at Samantha, the same slice down the stomach had killed her.


         " I-I went to g-get the money f-from the c-car and I came back and s-she was like this" She covered her eyes and cried into her palms. Samantha still stared in horror and confusion. I knew that this was my moment, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, she leaned in. She glanced up at me her eyes still full of pain and she returned them to her palms.


         " It'll all be okay somehow, we'll have to take our family and run, run far from here" I coaxed her to relax in my arms, I knew I should call the cops but I didn't want to overwhelm Natalie.




               " I promise"


           She shifted and stared at me her lime eyes piercing mine, almost instinctively we leaned into each other, her cherry red lips  collided with mine she moved them in a rhythmic fashion her hand moved it's way to my cheek, then before I could stop it she shoved a round flaky thing in my mouth.




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