Puppy Love

Hey guys. I decide to keep this movella a little while longer. But I will stop writing so often so sorry if I don't post in a while. Some of you know that I have another movella so this story is not my main concern. And am writing another unpublished movella. Shout out to 4harrypotter! I think she's the only one who reads this...


9. Chapter 9

Aida woke up to some rattling in the garage. The door was locked but she still went to investigate. She walked closer careful not to wake Bo. Dang. That dog was sleeping through that. She sniffed and scratched at the door. She growled. A cat. She started barking hysterically. She hated cats. They were selfish and mean. Bark bark bark.

It was still kind of dark. The door opened and out came the man. "Shhh. Quiet now dog." He hollered at her. She whimpered. "Ah, it's alright old girl. Come inside." He gestured for her to come in. They were coming in through the garage. The cat came out from under a car. Hiss. Aida started barking again. "Shhh." The man picked Aida up and too her inside. It was nice and cozy inside. The man walked into his own room but Aida didn't quite trust him. She just curled up in the living room. Poor Bo. He had to sleep outside. Although he was used to sleeping outside his whole life. She was by the fireplace. Until the man came back outside and put it out. She still slept good. She hadn't slept inside in ages.

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