Puppy Love

Hey guys. I decide to keep this movella a little while longer. But I will stop writing so often so sorry if I don't post in a while. Some of you know that I have another movella so this story is not my main concern. And am writing another unpublished movella. Shout out to 4harrypotter! I think she's the only one who reads this...


7. Chapter 7

Aida got to know Bo. She felt like they were close. Maybe too close. It had been a couple of days since Aida's last been outside.

Aida slowly circled her cage trying to find a way to get out.

She got startled when there was a slow creaky noise. It was the main door swinging opened. Another dog. Aida turned around to see a small beagle being pulled into the empty cage next to her. He looked old. Bo was still sleeping stretched out on a corner. Aida crept up closer to the creature. She slightly turned her head and lifted one paw. The beagle just moved around in anxiety. He was drooling. Curiosity took over her. "What's your name?" Aida asked without realizing what she was saying. The beagle turned to face Aida and stared at her for a few minutes, then continued what he was doing.

The door creaked again. A little girl with her parents entered the room. She was overwhelmed with all the dogs in the room. She gasped and started going to every cage door to see what animal would make a connecting with her. She stopped at Aida's door and knelt down. "Mom, Dad, this one's perfect." The girl said exited. "Yes, she's beautiful." The mom replied. "No, the other one. The bigger one." The little girl corrected her mom. She was talking about Bo. Bo quickly stood up in a second split. He studied the little girl's face and saw the happiness in her eyes. He growled lightly. Bo wasn't much of a family pet. The pound worker guy opened the cage ,pushed Aida out of the way, and grabbed Bo and stuffed him in a cage. "Good luck with this one, eh." The man said. The dad helped carry the cage and they walked as the mom stopped at the doorway. "Sweetie, are you sure you don't want another one? The other one I mentioned looks nice." The mom told her the little girl. "But I really want this one." The girl pouted. "Honey, if you want a pet for yourself, just tell me. We could take on two pets." The dad said to the mom. They talked about it for a while and yet another dog was stuffed in the cage. This lucky dog was Aida. Great. Her and Bo in the same house. Of course Bo was already planning on running away somehow. But what would Aida do? Would this family abandon her too? The family signed some papers and took their new pets home.

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