Puppy Love

Hey guys. I decide to keep this movella a little while longer. But I will stop writing so often so sorry if I don't post in a while. Some of you know that I have another movella so this story is not my main concern. And am writing another unpublished movella. Shout out to 4harrypotter! I think she's the only one who reads this...


6. Chapter 6

Aida woke, yawned and stretched. Forgetting where she was, she quickly slammed into the cage wall. She looked around and saw a plate full of some tacky cheap dog food and water. It was untouched. The other dog. Which Aida still don't know the name of, was wide awake and was just staring into space. Aida slowly approached the plate of food and drank all the water she could have. She sniffed the food and touched it with her paw. She refused to consume any of it. She wasn't all that hungry anyways. The other dog noticed Aida's actions and smirked. In a dog way. Aida didn't feel like talking to him, she was still scared, but she had to talk to him sometime. The dog noticed Aida staring at him. "What's wrong poodle?" He asked. "Am not even a poodle." She answered sternly. "I know, but It does fit your attitude." He said. "Am Bo by the way." He continued. "Am Aida." She said turning the other way. "It's fine I'll just call you poodle." Bo said chucking. Aida frowned at that. Aida laid down and put her head on her paws. She wasn't tired, but she was frustrated. She didn't know what was next of her. Would she ever see the outside again? We all know what happens to stray dogs at the pound...

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