Puppy Love

Hey guys. I decide to keep this movella a little while longer. But I will stop writing so often so sorry if I don't post in a while. Some of you know that I have another movella so this story is not my main concern. And am writing another unpublished movella. Shout out to 4harrypotter! I think she's the only one who reads this...


3. Chapter 2

Aida limped her way to get as far away from the alley as possible. Wait a Minute? She thought. Why am I listening to him?

Aida didn't even know where she was going anymore. She wanted to go back to the alley. She had been sleeping there for a while. And she always seemed to find food there.

What? It's just and old alley. She thought again. She would have to find somewhere else to sleep tonight. She kept on walking until she found another alley. It was clean and organized. Unlike that other one. For a place with garbage, it didn't smell that bad. And the buildings around it, were tall and just so elegant and fancy. Aida must've wandered to the other side of town.

She huddled up into a little corner and circled around it and curled into a little ball and fell asleep....

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