Puppy Love

Hey guys. I decide to keep this movella a little while longer. But I will stop writing so often so sorry if I don't post in a while. Some of you know that I have another movella so this story is not my main concern. And am writing another unpublished movella. Shout out to 4harrypotter! I think she's the only one who reads this...


2. Chapter 1

Aida walked down the to empty alley. The moon was full and she was starving. She found a near garbage can. And pushed it's side until it fell on the ground. Aida dug around a bit until she found a half eaten burger. Score! She though to herself. She hadn't eaten all day.

It had been a week since her family abandoned her. She didn't understand why. She rarely ever had an accident inside. She was quiet. She always did what she was told. It still puzzled her.

She finished her meal and continued down the alley to a good place to sleep. She heard a strange noise. She hid behind a box and peeked to see a black cat with three kitties just like her.

She waned to stir them up a bit. But at the same time she felt bad. They were strays just like her. She came out of her hiding spot and the mother cat got alarmed. She stared at Aida with those green pearcing eyes. It was like she could sense she was danger.

Aida just stood there staring for a while. The mother eventually got up in front of her kitties. Aida could not understand this unconditional love. She couldn't understand what a mother would do for her babies.

Aida eventually left them alone and continued through the alley. She knew there were other dogs probably roaming around at night waiting for their next victim.

Humans were like dogs in such ways. Waiting patiently to attack and get what they want. Justice.

Aida poked her nose to the air and closed her eyes. She sniffed the cool midnight air. She opened her eyes and there she stood face to face with a couple of dogs. It was a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler. But it wasn't the first encounter she's made. In the past days, she's faced so much. Being a stray could be fun, but it had its bad sides.

Aida looked around as the dogs circled around her growling. Aida tried to be brave and tough and growled back. One of the dogs leaped up to scratch her while the other one bit her left hind paw. Aida naturally fought back and bit the German Shepherd's ear. Then she leaped up on the Rottweiler's back. She was small but vicious. She tried biting his neck but failed as the large creature shook her off. Aida laid on the ground. She didn't know what her next move was. They were about to finish her off as a another tall skinny dog came barking and growling at the attackers. Aida just watched. The two dogs cowardly whimpered and ran. It was as if they knew each other.

The mysterious dog slowly crept up near Aida. She opened one eye and there stood a handsome dog in a short coat. He looked as if he wanted to shred her. "You must leave and never come back." He growled. Aida tried getting up but couldn't. She was scared so she just dragged herself away. She whimpered in pain and fright.

I guess she would have to find another place to sleep. Or not.

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