The Concert Tickets

"Who would've thought that a pair of concert tickets, could draw two people together."

The phrase 'love can't be bought', has had a big meaning in Alyssa Taylor's life. Everything from secrets to lies, lays underneath the surface, waiting to break out. Her one savior from losing it? One direction. Alyssa's biggest dream? To meet them.

As the band are set to play a concert in her town, she tries to get a pair of tickets. But because of one hit, her chances of getting them, are doomed.

The guy who destroyed everything? Ethan Chamberlain. The player of the school, and her twin brother's best friend. Is it possible for a pair of Concert Tickets to change and bring two people together. Or will Alyssa be left heartbroken behind.


©2014 by Tbieber0208
All rights reserved.

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Cover by mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


5. The Concert Tickets

Chapter 4


I had the music on full blast looking in my magazine while humming. Since I’ve been dropped off I’ve managed to eat two pop tarts and change into a tank top and a pair of shorts, and then I’ve basically just been lounging around. My schedule was actually put to be doing homework but my mind was wandering everywhere else making it impossible to concentrate. I kept seeing his annoying face. When I try to dose off, when I look up at the ceiling, it was like a labyrinth I couldn’t get out of. My mind couldn’t focus unless it was on him, which annoyed me so badly.


I haven’t even posted a single tweet to one direction begging them to follow me. Nope, my daily routine had reluctantly been put aside.


The sound of laughter outside my door makes me peak out only to be greeted by the sight of Ethan and Aiden. They turn their heads looking at me.


Oh geez.


That wasn’t the attention I specifically was craving at that that moment, since I kind of was standing in merely a tank top and booty shorts.


Ethan takes at good look at my body, as he suddenly starts coughing uncomfortably trying to stare anywhere else then on me. Aiden turns looking at Ethan with both his eyebrows raised, he looks at me and then back at Ethan. Aiden’s eyes darken as he roughly shoves Ethan on the shoulder as a warning. I start sniggering at Ethan.


Gosh, how I love my overprotective brother.


Aiden shoots me an annoyed look as he stares at me accusingly.


Oh oh, Aiden the big bad wolf is going to get me now.


Ethan suddenly erupts with laughter, surprising me, as Aiden is standing beside him with his arms crossed staring annoyed at me.


“B-big b..b-bad wolf?” Ethan manages to choke out from all his laughing.


Did I say that out loud? Ups…


“Can you not Alyssa. And please go put on some clothes. Some that actually covers primal parts of you body, thanks.” Aiden says.


“Hmm,” I hum pretending to contemplate his suggestion, “No thanks, I’m pretty comfortable with this.” I smirk at him, fully stepping out of my room, and down the stairs. I faintly hear him huff and I can only imagine him dragging a laughing Ethan with him.


I head down to the kitchen for an afternoon snack. I search a cabinet for a bag of peeps, and grin as I find one. I quickly grab them and pour them in a bowl. I quickly go upstairs again and cheekily smile as I enter my room. My mom wasn’t home yet which meant that I wouldn’t get caught. Though I’d probably get yelled at and given a lecture later, it would probably be worth it. Didn’t need my mom reminding me that I was getting fat. I know, face palm right?


I grab my MacBook and try to get lost into the world of teen wolf. I just can’t get enough of Tyler Posey. He’s just way too hot for his own good. I swear I could just jump on him anytime, anywhere.


Like Cameron Dallas, now that’s a real hottie, like ugh. The abs, and the cute face make my hormones go gaga.






I shift in my bed and trudge downstairs. I see my mom talking to Ethan fluttering her eyes.


Ew, is she flirting?


I walk closer and scrunch my nose at the charming smile Ethan was sending my mom. Guess he was good with parents.


I take a cup of water deftly avoiding my mom. Lets just say we didn’t have the best relationship. Since the incident happened the only parent I could rely on was my dad. He didn’t give me the guilt trip. I know it was my fault, I know that, but my mom had only made my guilt worse. I remember waking up every night panting because of the same nightmare. The nightmares always revolved around what happened. Since then I’d put a wall around me, that only Caroline could completely break.


As I quietly walk out of the kitchen, I suddenly stop at the voice of my mom. “Alyssa! Go and order some chinese, the usual!” She screeches.


I huff and go back slouching. “Yes, Adrianna.” I use her first name to annoy her, her disapproving look only creating happiness within me. I pull out my phone typing in the number of the restaurant.


“Hallo this is wang tao, chinese takeaway, how may you help?” The chinese dude on the phone asks, with his poor English. Their engagement in the American society was defiantly lacking. I’ve always said that when foreigners come to our country, they should learn how to speak English and join the community. Obviously some people couldn’t really grasp that concept.


“Yeah I would like a number…” I skim the menu in my hands, “22, 13, 4 and 6 please.”


“20 minutes ma’am, good night to you.” He says, greeting me goodbye.

Is it bad that I actually despise his accent? I find it so annoying. Argh. I have nothing against Asians, but I find his accent kind of provocative.


30 minutes later we’re all sitting around the dining table. And by all, then yes, I also mean Ethan. Apparently he’s a part of the so-called “family”. Trust me I didn’t know that either. My mom had invited him to stay for dinner oblivious to all the glares I was sending her meanwhile. Or at least I think she was oblivious, but she could’ve easily just asked him to provoke me. I swear one day she’ll be the reason that I go to the loony bin. I can already imagine what everyone would be saying “mom drove her daughter crazy”. Word travels fast in a small town.

As the dinner continued, I chose to stay silent letting my mom ramble on. As I see Ethan sneaking glances at me, I get a feeling of ambivalence. It annoyed me that he had to eat with us. I just wanted to cuddle my quilt while watching some more teen wolf. Yes, I was weird like that. Ethan is one of the hottest guys in my school, even more specifically the Casanova of the school, if you exclude my brother. I know my brother is a player, please, I’d seen crying girls running out of our house at least a hundred times. Anyways back to Ethan.


Stay on the subject Alyssa.


And even when Ethan is that good looking, I’d rather puke than look at his monkey face.


Please Alyssa, we both know you don’t think he looks like a monkey. My antagonistic side commented.


I can’t possibly deny that, because that is the truth. The infuriating truth.


My eyes flicker back to Ethan and my heart stops. He was already looking at me. I could feel my cheeks heat up and I quietly cuss. I saw him stifle a laugh as he coughs to cover it up. What a charming guy. My mom suddenly gets up and claps her hands together. A big grin was spread across her lips, as she gracefully held her hand up, silencing the slight chatting that had been going on between Ethan and Aiden. My mom was the living embodiment of grace as she stood with poise and confidence, her curves put on display with her tight skinny jeans and V-neck with her blazer on top. Something I lacked, or rather, didn’t show interest in.


“As some of you know,” she paused looking at us all, avoiding starring directly at me, “Gabriel and I’s anniversary is coming up. Twenty years of being together, and for that occasion we decided to do something special.” She had an exited, yet girly, smile playing on her lips as she nodded at my father to continue. He awkwardly coughs and resumes my mother’s speech. “We decided to take you all to California. We borrowed Aunt Sally’s beach house, and we’ll all be going there next week for two weeks.” He sat down again quickly finishing his part.


Aiden whoops fist-bumping Ethan who looks overall confused. “I’ll be going too?” He asks with his husky voice.


“Of course silly. Like I said before you’re more then welcome here. I already talked to your mom, and she thinks it’s a great idea. I think she wants some alone time with your dad anyways.” My mom laughs winking at Ethan.


Ethan visibly cringes at that statement and shrinks uncomfortably in his chair. “Great.” He mumbles.


I stay quiet the whole time, still processing it all. I had a hard time swallowing the conversation. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the whole Cali part it was more the two weeks with Ethan that bothered me. I wanted to slap my mom for inviting him. Wait, if Aiden gets to bring his friend, then I should be allowed to bring Caroline.


Yes, Caroline will distract me and keep me away from Ethan as much as possible. I just have to convince my mom, no my dad, to let her go too.




Author’s Note:


Chapter four complete, revised twice. Don’t forget to FLS (Favorite, like & share)


Lots of love Tbieber0208 xx

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