The Concert Tickets

"Who would've thought that a pair of concert tickets, could draw two people together."

The phrase 'love can't be bought', has had a big meaning in Alyssa Taylor's life. Everything from secrets to lies, lays underneath the surface, waiting to break out. Her one savior from losing it? One direction. Alyssa's biggest dream? To meet them.

As the band are set to play a concert in her town, she tries to get a pair of tickets. But because of one hit, her chances of getting them, are doomed.

The guy who destroyed everything? Ethan Chamberlain. The player of the school, and her twin brother's best friend. Is it possible for a pair of Concert Tickets to change and bring two people together. Or will Alyssa be left heartbroken behind.


©2014 by Tbieber0208
All rights reserved.

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Cover by mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


3. The Concert Tickets

Chapter 3


I have no idea how my face looked like at that moment, but I’m pretty sure I have a good vision of it. I felt my cheeks heat up after my face held somewhat shock, my mouth slightly agape.


Had he just called me hot? Or was this another one of my delusional fantasies, like the ones I have with one direction.


His laugh rung in my ears, like a symphonized melody. I knew he was off limits, but still I found myself somewhat wishing that I could hear him laugh one more time. I shook the feeling off, and steadied my glare.


I know my posture seems tough, but inside I was melting at the thought of being in his arms seconds ago. He sent me a smirk, slightly shaking his head. He bent down and started to pick up the papers that’d flown all over the place. I look down on my converse blushing, as I bend down to help him. Annoyingly enough, my blushing maintained. I picked up the few remaining papers, gently putting them in my bag. Ethan was holding a piece of paper with a big fat ‘A’ on it.


My essay.


He looks at the essay and back into my eyes, “Impressive, an A. Guess Aiden wasn’t joking when he said you had more brain than him.”


“H..H-he talked about me?” I stutter, frightened that Aiden might have said something embarrassing.


“Yeah! Not a lot though. He basically said, and I quote, “there isn’t much to say”, so I left it at that. But if I’d known you were that cute, I would’ve asked about you a lot more.” He says winking at me, while shrugging.


It had come to a point where I was pretty sure I looked like a tomato. Yeah, he had made me blush that much.


And I absolutely despised it. Taylor’s don’t blush, never ever.


“If you’d ever though about even looking at her, then maybe you’d known jerk.” Somebody says behind me. A flash of recognition ignites in me at the sound of the voice.




I spin around, and look at Caroline surprised. How much did she hear?


I knew that Caroline could be tough, I mean she is Caroline Johnson, but downright boorish, that I hadn’t expected. Caroline had always had a soft spot for me, before she knew everything about me and after. That’s what I liked about Caroline. Her fierce and strong demeanor always held it’s own opinion. And even after Caroline had found out what I’d done, she didn’t turn her back on me. She didn’t start pitying me like all the others. And that was what made her my best friend, and still to this day on Caroline didn’t change. Though this one remark took me aback.


Never knew she held a grudge towards Ethan.


I know Caroline is just looking after me, heck it was obvious, she was staring at Ethan with clenched fists, her eyes narrowed, like an animal would with its prey. It hit me, that if I didn’t calm her down she would take a swing at him. And the last thing I needed was my best friend getting into a fight. “Hey Care it’s okay, he was just being friendly, after he helped me pick up my papers, who were scattered across the floor.” I state, emphasizing the word help.


“Oh my god, Alyssa, friendly is his middle name with every girl in this school. Hell, probably even the whole female species for that matter.” Caroline says through clenched teeth, rolling her eyes at my apparent naïveness.  


My eyes widen, and for a moment I just stare at her incredulously. I give up with a sigh and decide that Caroline and I could just talk about it later.


I had to get home and finish all of my studies. Detention had already taken up a lot of my time and I didn’t feel like going through drama, “I need to get home Caroline. I’ll… talk to you later.”


I speed walk out of there as fast as I can, afraid that if I stay any longer the awkwardness of the situation would catch up with my behavior. And the last thing I need right now, is Ethan seeing me all weird and hyped. I make my way outside to the parking lot and see Aiden and I’s car parked.


Wow, he actually waited for me. Aiden would never wait for me after school he would take the car with his friend up to the beach or the mall, and do whatever. Aiden always has first priority over the car because of his soccer practice.


That’s why I was actually surprised to see that Aiden hadn’t left me. But as I walk closer, I notice a black sock tied around the passenger door handle. “Flippin’ Great” I mumble dissatisfied, as I start backing up getting ready to walk home. The sock was a sign that Aiden and a girl was busy inside the car doing, well… gymnastics. The nasty type. I shudder at the thought, and hurry away from the moans coming out of the vehicle.


“Hey! Alyssa,” Ethan jogs over to me grinning friendly, “Want a lift? I’m going to your house after Aiden finishes his thing.”


I blush embarrassed by my brother.


Damn, stop blushing Alyssa!


I end up nodding before actually thinking about it, accepting the ride. He opens the door for me to his silver Mercedes Benz. One word crossed my mind at that moment, gentleman. The one behavior that so many guys lack these days.


“Fancy Wancy, a Mercedes.” I laugh making my ponytail swing around.


Ethan joins my laughing nodding, “Yeah, my dad likes Mercedes.” He goes to the drivers seat, gassing up the car driving away from the school. “So, you’re really smart right?” Ethan asks glancing at me.


I shift in my seat uncomfortably not wanting to talk about my grades. Sure I’d always found my grades very important, since my future career did depended on them, but I never liked to be a show-off. “Ehm, yeah I guess.” I shrug dismissing the subject. I look out the window spotting my house from afar.


“Cool, so I was thinking since you’re really smart and all, and I’m busy with soccer practice, if you could just write my English essay for next week that’d be great.” He sends me one of his toothpaste smiles, as the car comes to a halt in my driveway.


I gape at him, staring like he just grew another head. God, I’ve been so stupid and naïve to actually think that a guy, and not just any guy but Ethan freaking Chamberlain, could ever like me. Caroline was right, he was a no good player, and I can’t believe that I’d just noticed it now.


I mean, it wasn’t like I hadn’t heard whispers about him being the schools Casanova along with my brother. But I guess I just ignored it. Guess now I just got my blatant answer.


Argh! A burning anger was rebuilding inside of me, getting me all hotheaded again. I’ve officially just had the worst day ever. First my chances of getting the tickets had literally been knocked out of my hands by a mysteriously annoying guy, then I had uncaringly dismissed Caroline, and what makes that even worse is that Caroline was right, Ethan is a total jerk, and at last what I thought was my “new crush”, had basically been manipulating me into writing his paper.


Talk about great day. At least I didn’t have the chance to fall for his charm. Imagine me in love with Ethan. God no.


As I make a move to get out of the car, I suddenly realize I’m stuck, and not just stuck like in the sense that I don’t know what to respond, but my foot was actually stuck on a little hook. “M-My f..f-oot is stuck.” I manage to croak out.


Ethan’s eyes widen and he looks at my foot cussing. “Damn it, should’ve warned you about that little hook there. A little con about this car.” He leans over grabbing my foot unhooking it. He releases my foot, though only to start caressing my leg as he slowly raises his hand, until it’s resting on my thigh. I suddenly find myself looking into his mesmerizing eyes. “So, what about that essay thing, you up for it doll?” He asks catching her eyes once again staring intensely.


I internally groan. Why do I keep getting distracted by his little moves? I have to remember he was basically asking me to cheat. And there is no way that I would ever stomp that low. Right now, I wouldn’t mind him being caught for plagiarism in one of his classes, that would defiantly teach him a lesson.


Or that would just make him beat up the guy who wrote his paper.


I shake my head, and peal his hand off my thigh as I send him a disgusted look. I step out of the car, leaving him no answer. “Is that a yes?” I hear him yell questionably behind me. “No!” I yell back not even bothering glancing at him.


He was a bigger jerk than I’d  thought at first.


Yep, a goddamn jerk, yes that was what he was.






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