The Concert Tickets

"Who would've thought that a pair of concert tickets, could draw two people together."

The phrase 'love can't be bought', has had a big meaning in Alyssa Taylor's life. Everything from secrets to lies, lays underneath the surface, waiting to break out. Her one savior from losing it? One direction. Alyssa's biggest dream? To meet them.

As the band are set to play a concert in her town, she tries to get a pair of tickets. But because of one hit, her chances of getting them, are doomed.

The guy who destroyed everything? Ethan Chamberlain. The player of the school, and her twin brother's best friend. Is it possible for a pair of Concert Tickets to change and bring two people together. Or will Alyssa be left heartbroken behind.


©2014 by Tbieber0208
All rights reserved.

(Also available on Wattpad)

Cover by mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


2. The Concert Tickets

Chapter 2


Ten o’clock came by quicker then I expected. I gather all my stuff, and rush to biology. The night before I’d agreed with Caroline that we’d be buying the tickets over our phones.


I take out my phone and credit card, eager to buy them already. I unlock the iPhone, and quickly enter safari, typing in the website and wait as there is two minutes for the ticket sale to start. Suddenly the website freezes directing me to the tickets.


I’m directed to another site, as I get in touch with two tickets. Yes! Booyah! May the force be with you!


Suddenly, out of the blue, my phone is ripped out of my hands, landing on the floor with a loud crash. I cringe as I take in the state of the phone. I quickly pick it up and flip it around. As I see the big crack on the screen I gasp horrified.


My baby!


The guy who bumped into me was obviously in a rush and didn’t stop to apologize or help. I could just imagine the guy shrugging, only to decide to keep running.


Argh, what a jerk!


I stuff my phone into my back pocket, and notice a silver necklace lying on the floor. I pick it up and examine it.


Must’ve been that guy’s necklace.


The beautiful exterior of the pendant defiantly didn’t look like something anybody would want to loose. Maybe I should just leave it on the floor in case the guy comes back looking for it. Yeah, no. I gently place it in my jacket pocket and sip it up.


I’m definitely asking Aiden about this, because if anybody knows all the students better than the principal, it would be Aiden. I pull out my phone and press the front button. The phone doesn’t react making me hit the button even more frantically.


“No, no, no, no! This can not be happening!” I yell frustrated.


For the love of Boba Fett, please freaking respond you stupid phone!


Mrs. Pendanski calls everybody in to class, pressuring me to follow. I felt way to hotheaded to actually go to class. I hadn’t gotten those tickets, all because of that pretentious guy.






After class my whole body felt undeniably numb. A burning anger towards the guy had been building inside of me ever since the incident, and all I wanted to do is get my frustrations out, by, well, punching him.


Yes, a good old punch in the jaw.


I open my locker and reach for the books I needed to take with me home. Detention seriously never felt that long.


Somebody comes crashing into me again, making all the papers in my arms fly everywhere. As I prepare my self for the compact of the fall, somebody catches me. I release a relieved sigh, as my eyes flutter open, only to stare into a pair of crystal blue ones. The eyes belonged to a brown haired boy, and a surprisingly sleek and muscular body.


I untangle myself from his hold, and look down embarrassed. My breath hitches as I get a good look of his angel-like features. He had a rectangular face with a defined, slightly pointed chin, and a sturdy jaw line. The black leather jacket he wore over his broad shoulders was neatly polished, making his muscular body stand out even more. His short chestnut brown hair was put up in a perfect hairdo, making his eyes shine even brighter. His face held down towards mine in a steady gaze, his concern palpable through his frown. As I look closer I realize who the guy is and quickly step away from him.


“Ethan, Ethan Chamberlain!” I squeal surprised. What the hell is he doing here?


As realization seeps in to him, he smirks his eyes shining mischievously, “Alyssa Taylor.”


My eyes narrows into slits, and I purse my lips, “Aiden’s best friend.”


He withholds my glaring stare, and turns his head slightly to the side looking my body up and down with a cocky smile, “And you’re Aiden’s sister. Never noticed how smoking you actually were.”


Oh god.





So, Alyssa and Ethan… oh oh. He’s Aiden’s best friend. And to clear something up, Alyssa knows Ethan is Aiden’s best friend, but has never really taken a closer look at him, that’s why she’s so astounded when she realizes who it is, and that is also why she didn’t realize it was him at first, since they’re mere acquaintances, only seen each other a few times.

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