The Concert Tickets

"Who would've thought that a pair of concert tickets, could draw two people together."

The phrase 'love can't be bought', has had a big meaning in Alyssa Taylor's life. Everything from secrets to lies, lays underneath the surface, waiting to break out. Her one savior from losing it? One direction. Alyssa's biggest dream? To meet them.

As the band are set to play a concert in her town, she tries to get a pair of tickets. But because of one hit, her chances of getting them, are doomed.

The guy who destroyed everything? Ethan Chamberlain. The player of the school, and her twin brother's best friend. Is it possible for a pair of Concert Tickets to change and bring two people together. Or will Alyssa be left heartbroken behind.


©2014 by Tbieber0208
All rights reserved.

(Also available on Wattpad)

Cover by mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


1. The Concert Tickets

The Concert Tickets


Chapter 1


His perfect chocolate brown orbs stares mischievously, in mine. The whole atmosphere changes as he slowly starts to lean in, his shirt rising a bit shamelessly exposing some of his tan skin. I pucker my lips ready for the… “ALYSSA TAYLOR!


Mom? I stop halfway, and see my mom glaring at me with her menacing eyes, her arms crossed. “Alyssa, wake up! You’re going to be late for school!” She yells.




“Alyssa Marie Taylor, you better wake up before your brother leaves without you!” All the yelling causes me to bolt up awakening me from my dream.


I groan falling head down on the pillow. I lift my head in agony and respond. “I’m awake! For the love of Yoda, calm your horses.”


Reluctantly I get up from bed and get ready for school. So much had to be done today. I need, emphasize on the need, to get the tickets for the one direction concert at 10 o’clock. My whole life depends on them, okay maybe not my whole life, but close enough. I plug my silver IPod into my tremendous speakers.


Note the sarcasm. The speakers are practically an artificial item from the Stone Age. I know, may the force be with me.


I waltz around the room getting ready to the beat of the song. I had the song, Heart Attack, playing on full volume. One Direction’s oldest songs have always been my favorite, and trust me, they always will be.


I put on some lip-gloss, and pout in front of the mirror. As good as it’s going to get. I spin around and stand in front of my cardboard Liam.


And yes I have a cardboard figure of him. I mean, holy moly how can I not, he’s such a little cutie. Like a little itty-bitty unicorn, and yes I just did an Olaf reference, I’m just cool like that.


I give him a peck on the lips, and flawlessly sing along to the last line of the track, “You’re giving me a heart attack, ow!”


Well I’d like to think that I sing it flawlessly. But lets be honest here. Flawless I will never be. All hail Yoda.


I grab my bag, and swing it pass my shoulder closing the door with a slam. In a swift move I’m downstairs and much to my surprise I see a huge ass mother fatter waffle lying on a plate. Shit, this is bad for my diet. Wait who am I kidding, I don’t give a damn about that diet. Muahaha, I’ll just be eating this waffle while skinny ass bitches will be walking around complaining about being fat. I don’t give a damn. Young, wild and free. Peace.


My stomach growls at the wonderful smell, oh yeah. I sit down, and start to devour it without care. The humid air was already making my shorts stick to my thighs. Living in South Dakota, it was always hot. It would rain once a month, maybe, and that’d be it. Not that I’d ever complain. I’d gotten used to the heat, and figured that cold was restricted there.


“Alyssa, I’m going now!” My twin brother yells ruining my bonding moment with the waffle. I always new he lacked intelligence and common sense. Who the hell interrupts somebody while eating a freaking waffle.


Of you haven’t noticed I like waffles. A lot.




As soon as I get inside the car, Aiden speeds off for sure breaking the speed limit. “You are so slow in the mornings sis.” He complains.


I roll my eyes and huff. “Like you’re any better yourself.”


“At least I don’t use the word, orbs, when it clearly doesn’t mean eyes. And, you’re a Directioner and a Star Wars fanatic, that’s just straight up weird.” Aiden smirks.


“Like you would know anything about that.” I don’t mind my brother, in fact, we’re really close, and knew every detail, secret and flaw one another had. It’s something I’m proud of.


As we reach the school, we both split up and go to our different friend groups. Yes, we’re really close, but we certainly don’t have the same friends. Thank the lord though his friends are total airheads. Aiden is the popular guy, and I’m the less popular girl. Yes, we’re haunted by that cliché.


“Move people, I need space, b-f-f emergency!” Caroline, my best friend, yells trying to get through the mass of people, “Lyssa!”


“God, I really need to cut off some of those cookies.” Caroline pants. “Whoa, anyways, don’t forget at 9 o’clock we need to meet up in the bathroom stalls to discuss this whole concert thingy.”


I nod amused by her bossy demeanor as I salute her, “Ay, captain.”


Caroline rolls her eyes dissatisfied, though the small smile playing on her lips says otherwise. Caroline links her arm to mine, dragging me to the bathroom. “Eh, I thought we were only supposed to meet here at nine?” I ask confused. 


“I know we’re supposed to meet at nine silly, but as we both know, at nine we wont be the only girls discussing the ticket sale in the bathroom, so I’m going to be one step ahead of everyone.” She pulls up a piece of paper from her purse, and tapes it on one of the doors to a stall. “Severe case of explosive diarrhea, please do not enter this stall. When people see this sign, they will most likely avoid it, which, when we arrive, will give us a huge advantage and a stall all to ourselves. Remember last time we had to share with so many girls last ticket sale? Fiona Cameron literally fell into the toilet almost taking me with her. Ew, and we didn’t even get the tickets then, god that sucked.”


I shiver easily remembering the scenario. It hadn’t been fun especially since we didn’t get the tickets. I went home pissed, almost slapping my brother on the way. Though to my defense I did have my period at that time, which didn’t cease my already messed up emotions. “How’d you get the principals signature though?”


“The internet.” Caroline winks.


As the bell rings they split up, we both go to different classes. I head into English, and sit down at my usual spot in the back. Mr. Hart takes his time to explain the essay he wants everyone to write, due in two months. Apparently, he wants to give everyone the chance to experience something incredulous now, or just write about an occasion that’s already happened. He wanted people to write about a moment in your life that made you evolve. “You guys are on the precipice of exploding, emotionally, and some physically, well some still haven’t physically yet,” he looks at a kid, as the humiliated guy tries to shrink into his chair, “which logically means that you’ve experienced a lot of stuff, so I don’t want any flaccid stuff handed in. I want you guys to think out of your comfort zone, write about something that’ll astound everyone, even me. Because until now, all the stuff you guys have written is a bunch of bullshit, to put it nicely. Now, who wants to eradicate 50% of their grade?”


No one lifts they’re hand. Well duh, he did just ask an incredibly stupid question, like, who the heck would want to eradicate their grade.


“Ms. Taylor, this is what I’m talking about people, taking chances, being daring, like Ms. Taylor just did. This just proves that she’s not as much as a pussy, as we all thought. Good. Now back to you Ms. Taylor, I like that you raised your hand, but I was serious with my question. If you don’t hand in something worthy of my time, I’ll eradicate half of your grade.”


I’m pretty sure the only thing my face held was shock, at that point. “Ehm, sir. I didn’t raise my hand.” I say.


“Oh I know, but since nobody volunteered I chose my self. You’ve got a problem with that Ms. Taylor?” Mr. Hart glares at me.


Damn I hate when a teacher asks that. What do they expect? Me to start crying of happiness, bitch no.


“You could’ve told people that they needed to volunteer. Maybe I should be teaching this class, at least I’m smart.” I mutter. I hear sniggers behind me, so I turn around and roll my eyes at the two girls laughing.


“What did you just say? No sarcasm intended in my class, you can take that with you after school when you’re in detention!” He barks at me, getting all up in my face. Damn.


A girl gives me a sympathetic smile. I grimace at her and turn around. Some nerd looks at me with a distorted facial expression while shaking his head. Well somebody has to stand up to the dude. Mr. Hart is a cruel man, his surname a complete joke.


“Class dismissed.” Mr. Hart gathers his papers dismissing everyone.


I check my phone and realize it’s nine in a minute, I speed walk to the bathroom. As I arrive I see a swarm of girls inside talking, discussing, a girl was even waving her credit card just to smack her friend afterwards with it. As Caroline predicted nobody dared to enter the ‘explosive diarrhea’ toilet. Oh well. As I enter the toilet, I make sure to jump back squealing, holding my nose, as if a bad smell was oozing out to make it seem more believable. All the other girls gasp around me and take a step away from the “stinky” toilet. I shut the door behind me and make sure to lock it. In front of me is Caroline playing on her phone. Caroline looks up smirking, “Told you it’d work.”


“Yes, you did tell me that. Know lets cut to the case. We need a really good Internet connection when the sales start, so we most likely need to go to the biology classroom. Which, uh! I by the way have, in about, five minutes. But, shit, you have P.E.” I exclaim.


Caroline nods, agreeing, “you’re right, and you know how cranky Mr. Love can get when people are late. A kid once got suspended the “rights” to go to P.E., for a whole week, just because he arrived ten minutes too late to class.


“How about I buy the tickets while you rush to the gym. We both know that P.E., is all the way on the other side of the school, and much further away. I’ll buy them while I wait outside the class, as Mrs. Pendanski prepares for everybody. If everything goes as I just explained, then it’ll turn out perfectly.” I suggest.


I know that there is a big chance that we wont be able to get the tickets, but hell somebody has to believe in possibilities. Even though fate didn’t exactly play the whole favoritism thing with me.

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