The Concert Tickets

"Who would've thought that a pair of concert tickets, could draw two people together."

The phrase 'love can't be bought', has had a big meaning in Alyssa Taylor's life. Everything from secrets to lies, lays underneath the surface, waiting to break out. Her one savior from losing it? One direction. Alyssa's biggest dream? To meet them.

As the band are set to play a concert in her town, she tries to get a pair of tickets. But because of one hit, her chances of getting them, are doomed.

The guy who destroyed everything? Ethan Chamberlain. The player of the school, and her twin brother's best friend. Is it possible for a pair of Concert Tickets to change and bring two people together. Or will Alyssa be left heartbroken behind.


©2014 by Tbieber0208
All rights reserved.

(Also available on Wattpad)

Cover by mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


4. I've made up my mind!

Okay. So I asked you guys if you think it shouldn't be third point of view, so I've decided to revise all the chapters into a personal point of view. Nonetheless, the novel will still continue with the same script as before. Cant wait to post the new chapters!


Lots of love xx

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