Die. Rise. Repeat.

Follow the story of a survivor. no super powers, no playful furries, no teen dramas. just survival.


1. Halfway through.


Exhausted. Tired. Whatever-the-fuck you wanted to call it, Alyx felt it. Why'd she have to do this supply run? She was laying under a car, waiting for... THEM, to pass bye. 

Long story short, she saw a zombie, or walker, or whatever they're known bye these days, dressed in full riot gear. bulletproof suit, shatter-proof headgear, combat boots, the lot. And being the idiot that she is, she had to get it all. Only problem was, it grabbed her, slammed her into a car window, which shattered. This in turn got several shards of glass stuck in her arm and/or back, as well as setting off the car alarm. Just fucking perfect.

She managed to get her emergency hunting knife out of it's holster and stab it through the chin, up into the brain, but a whole horde was already coming. So she decided she would have to wait for the car alarm to go off, and for the wanderers to slowly dissipate, as they usually do. Quick, under the car. it's the only hiding spot.

"Oh, yeah, no, great plan Alyx. you know, it's only you getting covered in human remains right now, surrounded by those... motherfuckers!"

Yeah, as you can see Alyx has a colourful set of vocabulary. Also, she thinks she may have mild schizophrenia, and this is a voice in her head.

Who the fuck is she even talking to? And why in third person?

Either way, she wasn't going to be moving any time soon, so she pushed the now dead body over, so that the blood would at least stop spilling in her direction, and tried to get some sleep. She'd been used to worse than a little blood, and the riot guy had been long dead, so there wasn't  much blood that was still spilling out of the wound..

So let me tell you about Alyx. where to start? 5'10, black hair with a streak of red running through it (thanks Scott Pilgrim for that inspiration), wearing a cool t-shirt that has a cover of some band that she never heard of and a leather jacket (which did absolutely fuck all in helping the whole glass-in-back situation) . Ummm... That was pretty much it, i guess. She was a little bigger than most girls she used to know before the outbreak, but that was so long ago, it isn't really comparable now. Oh, and she was white too. she didn't know whether that was racist or not (whenever skin colours got involved it made her feel awkward). Not that it mattered now, with the fact she hadn't seen anyone of any skin colour since the end of "the chaos" meant she didn't have to worry about offending anyone.

OH YEAH, SHE HAD FUCKING SHITTING GLASS IN HER ARM! She tried to get comfortable, but that's impossible with bits of glass shoved in your flesh. It was her second favourite arm too! She took a quick look, glad adrenaline was a thing otherwise she would be screaming now. She couldn't tell how deep it was, and didn't want to pull it out as she didn't feel like leaking blood all over the place today.

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