Die. Rise. Repeat.

Follow the story of a survivor. no super powers, no playful furries, no teen dramas. just survival.


6. Empty.

The rain left a scent in one's nose, the scent of blood and death, somewhere in the distance, close. It served as a reminder of those who didn't survive, carrying the blood down streets, gutters, wherever the poor bastards were before they were put out of their suffering. sure, it could wash away the blood and filth, but deep in Alyx's mind she knew it could never wash away the destruction to the city, the destruction to her mind. Yet, despite these shortcomings, the rain was the closest thing she had to a sign of normality; although man may be extinct now, nature would still continue regardless.

The metaphors gave her something to think about, but she was reminded of why she really liked the rain when she saw a pack of "Deads". six, maybe seven zombies would be on her trail by now if the thunder didn't cover her movement and the rain made her virtually impossible to see, at least when she stayed low and kept moving. She couldn't help but take a cautious look; She knew it'd never happen, but she always feared she would see someone she knew... from a past life...

hand on wound, heart on survival she made it to her "base". by "base" she meant the last shithole she dumped her shit in. After the door was closed, her shit unpacked and risk assessment of the area.... assessed, she sat down. no matter how much or how little she did each day, she always enjoyed the peace accompanying her as she sat down and did nothing.

She could spend hours after a trip just sitting, staring into the void in front of her. She knew she did it, and she knew she should stop; but she never did. Sitting there, it could take a while before she got to thinking. thinking about... well, anything but what she just did. Sometimes she would think about games consoles and T.V shows she used to watch, other times she would think about what she would want for dinner instead of what she would actually have. She sometimes even thought about her family...


Not tonight.

She got up, and checked her back up revolver she kept under the sofa. only 3 rounds, but if one of them were to sneak up on her it'd be enough. Despite the fact guns seemed useless due to their loud noise and lack of ammo, It'd be easier and safer than hoping a stick'd be enough if one pounced on her.

She began to strip. Believe it or not, four months of not seeing another soul will make you stop worrying about modesty. Entering the back garden, she was grateful for the rain and the brick wall. Sure she wasn't a fan of cold showers but it sure beat the appeal of no shower. 




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