Stay With Me

"Go away!" she said, turning her head away from him.
"Leave me alone! I've made my choice."
He reached out to touch her shoulder, but she got up and started walking away. He stood there for a fraction of a second before running after her.
"Look, I'm sorry for what I said, I didn't mean to-"
She started walking faster. "Leave me the hell alone, Severus. He asked me, I said yes, end of story."
She was nearly at the end of the corridor, approaching the portrait on the wall.
"How can you and him-"
He stood, frozen to the spot. Thousands of happy memories came to his mind, all they had been through together, as she said the password and the portrait swung on its hinges to let her into the common room. Then, something hit him on the head. He stared at the thing that had brought him back to reality. A little golden ball, still feebly flapping its fragile golden wings. He turned in time to see a boy with untidy dark hair and glasses...


3. The Peace Before the Storm

Finished. Finally. Severus permitted himself a brief smile. He tucked the exam paper away in the pocket of his robes, and sat underneath a tree. Now he would sit and read until she came out of her Charms class, and they could go and sit by the lake and talk. There was so much he was dying to tell her! He was certain that they could just sit there and enjoy the little time they had together, before her next class. Then he heard a familiar voice saying his name. He sat still, looking anxiously up as they came his way, all four at once. 
'Having fun?' James asked in a bored tone. One of the boys behind him laughed, a fat boy with a face like a rat. Severus mumbled something under his breath.
'What was that?' James demanded, leaning a little closer.
'I said, "I was."' Severus said, defiantly. 'Go away.'
One boy grinned nastily, and two of them drew their wands. They clearly had no intention of going away.

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