Stay With Me

"Go away!" she said, turning her head away from him.
"Leave me alone! I've made my choice."
He reached out to touch her shoulder, but she got up and started walking away. He stood there for a fraction of a second before running after her.
"Look, I'm sorry for what I said, I didn't mean to-"
She started walking faster. "Leave me the hell alone, Severus. He asked me, I said yes, end of story."
She was nearly at the end of the corridor, approaching the portrait on the wall.
"How can you and him-"
He stood, frozen to the spot. Thousands of happy memories came to his mind, all they had been through together, as she said the password and the portrait swung on its hinges to let her into the common room. Then, something hit him on the head. He stared at the thing that had brought him back to reality. A little golden ball, still feebly flapping its fragile golden wings. He turned in time to see a boy with untidy dark hair and glasses...


7. At the Price of Oblivion

They closed in on him. Alecto Carrow drew her wand, and Amycus Carrow copied her, clumsily. Lucius waited at the side, still with that superior smile plastered on his smug face, waiting. Severus reached desperately for his wand, but he dropped it on the floor, and Alecto put her foot on it.

'Move, and I'll snap it.' she hissed, and he froze. Amycus raised his wand to deliver the first hex-

'Coward! Not brave enough to fight me yourself!' 

Lucius spun to face him. His face was not twisted in anger, but merely amused. 

'An excellent idea! Give him his wand back, let's duel.'

Alecto growled quietly, but she stepped back. Amycus turned obediently to Lucius, and tripped over his own robes. 
Lucius bowed gracefully, and Severus stiffly bent forward a fraction. His brain was crying out at him to get out of this dangerous situation before you get yourself killed!
As Lucius opened his mouth, Severus yelled with as much hatred as he could muster;
As if in slow motion, he saw the smile on Lucius' face melt into shock as he fell, gashes opening across his body.  A first-year screamed as he hit the stone flags of the dungeon floor with a muffles thud. A pool of blood slowly spread across the floor. Alecto pounced on Severus. 
'Murder!' she shouted, her fingernails digging into his wrist. Bellatrix Black calmly inspected Lucius' face. 
'He isn't dead.' she announced, flatly. Alecto turned to look, and then grabbed Severus by his shirt collar.
'This is for Lucius!' she snarled, punching him in the face. The cartilage in his nose gave way with a sickening crunch, and blood spurted out onto his robes. She spat on him, before going to Lucius' side. Severus held his sleeve over his lower face, and crawled into a corner. Bellatrix whispered something to her cousin Regulus, who ran out of the dungeon, to fetch help.

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