Let's just say, they had a lot against them
but but, this, whatever this is, has to be worth the fight


1. Forbidden


"Mama! Mama?" the young girl shouted, lost in the thick woods, which she had been told not to ever enter, but her mommy was busy hanging the laundry up, she was just curious, she promised herself not to go as far as to lose sight of their backyard
but, well, now her she is, her bottom lip started to wobble "Mommy?" she whimpered, the sun was slowly going down, and her daddy had told her horrible stories about litttle girls being out after dark "What are you doing out here, all alone?" she quickly snapped her head up to meet the stranger's eyes "I-I-I lost my mama" she sniffled, the stranger bent down, taking her chin into his big hand "hey now, don't worry, love, I'll help you find your way back to your mom" he cooed "Promise?" she pouted, he smiled "Yes, now come on, it's getting late" he stated, standing up, holding a hand out to her, she quickly grasped his, and started walking "what's your name, mister?" she asked, cocking her head to the side "Harry, what's yours, love?" he asked, smiling "Leeeexie!" she giggled, skipping a bit, when they were close to the outskirt of the woods, where her mother was awaiting, he bent down to be eye-level with her, again "Now, love, I need you to promise me something" "don't tell anyone you saw me, okay? let's keep it our little secret, deal?" she smiled "okay, bu, Harry? will I see you again?" she asked, hopfully
he nodded "pinky promise?" she asked, he chuckled "pinky promise" he agreed, hooking their pinkies together.












The kind stranger did keep his promise, he kept coming back, visting with the young girl, until he was forced to leave, she started to grow up, and forget

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