wolf bites

so I wrote this book last year but mad a few tweaks to it about a month ago.
this is about a true love that is not meant to be. the elders and tribe leaders hate that they love each other. will they get away with it in the end or will they be punished for loving one another?


7. Samantha

"I was thrashing around in my brothers arms as he threw me into the torture room. “NO! PLEASE, YOU CANT DO THIS, I DONT WANT TO FORGET, PLEASE BROTHER, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I scream at my brother as he straps me down and feeds me the pills, I'm yelling and screaming. My face burning from where I have been crying, I don't want to forget Aaron. I start thinking about the nights we spent down by the river.
"You wanna know something really funny Samantha? Ever since I was young I was told to keep clear of the demons, you guys, but you guys aren’t that bad. I mean, you’re beautiful and you know it, so you use it to your advantage against your prey, because all you're trying to do is survive. My people would never trust you, and you know what, if they ever found out that I was sitting here and talking to you, they would have my head and probably yours as well. But I will never let that happen. for some reason I can't get you out of me head, I just want to know you feel a similar way about me..." I am frozen for a couple of seconds while my heart and head try to figure this all out, but Aaron takes my silence as a no. And starts to walk off. I run after him and hold out my hands in front of him, touching him for the first time, he had such a nice and warm body. I Lean in and kiss his neck, as that is the highest I can reach on him. Aaron leans down and kisses my lips, I can feel my heart beating in my chest. This is not good, a vampire’s heart is not meant to beat, something is wrong with me. I push Aaron off of me and go to run off when he makes a comment about my skin.
“When did you start to get a tan Samantha?” WHAT? THIS IS REALLY BAD!
“Aaron I have to go, please leave me alone, I need to get out of here.” I say frantically. He starts to let me go as my friend Johan comes swooping from my right.
“Asshole, she said leave her alone!” she says with hands on her hips. At times she can be one of the nicest girls you will ever meet but se ha a temper on her, crazy one of that. She once bit a guy’s hand of because he was trying to wipe blood off of her chin. Aaron did not stand a chance against her if she got pissed.
“Aaron… Run. Now.” I say to him just as Johan is about to make her move. Aaron changes and runs, leaving his cloths spread on the ground.
“How did you know each other’s names?” Johan turns to me.


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