wolf bites

so I wrote this book last year but mad a few tweaks to it about a month ago.
this is about a true love that is not meant to be. the elders and tribe leaders hate that they love each other. will they get away with it in the end or will they be punished for loving one another?


5. samantha

I was out for a run early in the morning before sunrise, I went to Aaron’s house and I could smell him, I could smell his body wash and his shampoo and conditioner. But then I smelt a human inside the house… I turned and ran. When I got back home all my thoughts where of Aaron, his green eyes, dark hair, tattooed body and his tan. I was even thinking about his voice.

If the elders could see what I was doing they would have the wolf boy Aron killed and then myself! Why was I the wired one, I’m always the different one.

A few months pasted and Aron and u began seeing each other a lot, we would hang out by the lake and tell stories about our lives. He told me about when he was younger he used o come down here with his father and they would feed the ducks and go swimming but last year his father died from a vampire bite. No wonder he was so afraid of me.

Aron had to help me with my cravings for human blood, he told me that the humans I tried to kill, they were like me… scared and afraid, alone. Aron knew that I was turned against my will.

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