wolf bites

so I wrote this book last year but mad a few tweaks to it about a month ago.
this is about a true love that is not meant to be. the elders and tribe leaders hate that they love each other. will they get away with it in the end or will they be punished for loving one another?


3. (Samantha)

“Hello young wolf boy! You smell good!” I say to the tattooed and tanned wolf boy. His green eyes are like an emerald colour that sees right into my soul, even though mine is as black as the dark.

“Hello vampire… look I don’t want to kill you but you need to back away from my home and go back to your kind!” the young wolf says his voice like velvet to my ears.

“And my name is not ‘young wolf boy’… it is Aaron what is yours Vampire?”  Did he think me stupid? I could smell the others wolfs behind me. The smelt good but I’m not going to eat a wolf tonight, I will settle for a deer.

“Look… I could smell your pack and came to suss you guys out. I have never seen one of you, but I will leave you alone if you put the gun down and call off the MUTTS!” I spat the last word with as much venom as I could call upon. Aaron gave a slight nod to the mutts behind me; I could smell that they were starting to descend. I could not take my eyes off Aaron, he just called to me in a way that no other had ever done.

“My name is Samantha, see you around Aaron!” I give him a blown kiss and turn around so fast that my hair ends up in my face; I start to run fast with my most evil laugh I could conjure up.

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