wolf bites

so I wrote this book last year but mad a few tweaks to it about a month ago.
this is about a true love that is not meant to be. the elders and tribe leaders hate that they love each other. will they get away with it in the end or will they be punished for loving one another?


1. (Samantha)

She was freed from a life of death and has done the worst thing possible for her kind to do… she has fallen for the handsome WOLF BOY.

But will he turn his back on her in her time of need. Do I love her enough to save her form them?



The night was a perfect shade of blue for my pale skin.

The elders have chosen for the new vampires like me to go on our first hunt tonight, that we get to hunt what we want, but no humans. The elders say that humans are too messy for us vampire because they like to fight back, but to be honest… I like it when they fight, it means they have guts.

My name is Samantha; I have almost a white shade of blond hair in the moonlight that has ringlets of silver all through the ends. My eyes are a midnight shade of blue. My body is wide at the chest and hips but small in the middle with a light tan to my skin, showing the memories of my past life as a human. I am forever immortal, but there is just one bad thing about being immortal… you are sentenced to a life of blood craving, the burn of your throat when you smell your pray near, the way our carnal senses take over us and it is nearly impossible to stop the carnal animal we all are.


I tilt my head upwards, smelling the air with my eyes closed. I smell a wolf, the smell of dog and human sweat with a hint of coconut body wash, this was not a normal wolf, this was a wolf boy.

I turn to the elders with a pleading look on my face... I hope.

I take off on a run with my hair in my face, the smell of the boy all around me.


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