wolf bites

so I wrote this book last year but mad a few tweaks to it about a month ago.
this is about a true love that is not meant to be. the elders and tribe leaders hate that they love each other. will they get away with it in the end or will they be punished for loving one another?


6. Aaron

Months passed and our feelings for on another grew. We knew that her elders and the alpha male of my tribe would not take this lightly, but have to tell them eventually.  One day when we were by the lake and Samantha was talking about her family, (she told me about how she was taken by vampires and her older brother tried to save her but a vampire gave him blood from his wrist and snapped her brothers neck, his lifeless body limp on the ground.) someone jumped out from behind a tree s we were kissing, I did not know him, he grabbed Samantha by the shoulder and she yelped “ahhh! BROTHER! HE WONT HURT ME!” but he was not listening to her, he flung her over his shoulder and in the blink of an eye she was gone. I spent the rest of the day I my room… watching as the rain fell, it always seems as though the weather here always matches what you are feeling inside. My brother Jonathan always begged me to play football with him and I always said yes… but not today…I just can’t

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