The Adventures of Spongebob

This story, is kinda like Where's Patrick...not really though...anyways...
As you know, Spongebob is a loving, kind and bubbly character. But in this story, he finds his "Inner Ninja"
Spongebob will face some decisions and some things that could change his life......FOREVER!!!

Hope you enjoy, remember to comment!


4. The Secret Formula

The next day, Spongebob was too tired to do the treadmill. 

"Oh, I had such a BIG day yesterday, I feel like my arms are going to snap off!" Spongebob groaned. But he had to go to work as always, so he put his  hat on and went straight to work. 

"Spongebob, there is no time to be fooling around, make 500 tomoto relish patties NOW!" Krabs commanded, and scuttled back to his office.

"Tomato Relish?" Spongebob thought. "Never heard of it, maybe it is in the secret formula. I will go and check," Spongebob said and walked towards the secret formula latch.  Spongebob took the formula out of the latch and took it to the kitchen. 

"Well, it has been a long time since I last looked at this formula! I shouldn't need to look at it again!" Spongebob said.

"Oh, so I have to put tomato reilsh in the pattie!" Spongebob realised. So Spongebob left the formula on the benchtop, cooked the patties with relish and went to serve them.

Back in the kitchen, Plankton came out from behind the food cupboard. Plankton is evil. This means evil. Did you hear me? EVIL. 

"Oh yes! The moment I have been waiting for! Now I can RULE THE WORLD!" Plankton shouted so loudly there was an awkward silence.

Anyways, Plankton jumped up onto the bench and grabbed hold of the formula. He was drooling drool as if it was a waterfall coming from his mouth. 

"The moment I have been waiting for! I finally have it! And no one can stop me!" Plankton shouted as he slurped his saliva back into his mouth.

So he pulled the formula towards the door and quickly went towards the Chum Bucket.

"I can't beleive it! No one saw me take it out! What were they thinking!" Plankton shouted as his voice echoed.

"Oh, so you FINALLY got the formula, after all those times you said you would but you didn't!?" Karen, the computer wife explained.

"I didn't follow what you said but I GOT THE FORMULA AFTER ALL THOSE TIMES I SAID I WOULD BUT DIDN'T GET IT!!" Plankton said.

"That is what I said," Karen murmured.

"Oh..." Plankton replied.

Back at the Krusty Krab, Spongebob was busily serving the patties.

"I'd better go and put the formula away otherwise Krabs would kill me!" Spongebob said. So he hurridley went back to the kitchen.

"Krabs is going to kill me! The formula is not here!" Spongebob screamed. He went all over the kitchen and the restuarant to look for it. 


Will Spongebob find it?  

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