The Adventures of Spongebob

This story, is kinda like Where's Patrick...not really though...anyways...
As you know, Spongebob is a loving, kind and bubbly character. But in this story, he finds his "Inner Ninja"
Spongebob will face some decisions and some things that could change his life......FOREVER!!!

Hope you enjoy, remember to comment!


2. Goo Lagoon Here we Goo!!!

The next day, Spongebob got up at 6am to do his routine excercise. Eversince he knew he was a ninja, he wanted to build his strength so he could do more awesome things.

So he turned on the TV and hopped on the treadmill.

"This treadmill is really hard work, I just wonder how people do this everyday," Spongebob said, panting. On the news there were big headlines about a group of tourists whos boat got trapped in the middle of Goo Lagoon where it is really deep. 

" No-one knows how it got stuck but it has been stuck there since 4am."

"Why would a group of tourists go out at 4am on a boat?" Spongebob questioned.

"We have called Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy but they not bothered, we have called the police but they said they can't do anything. We need someone who can fight and who could rescue them. The reward is a lifetime supply of Goober Dollars or a lifetime supply of Kelpo's Krunchies," Perch Perkins the news reporter said.

"Those people need MY help! And I want those Goober dollars and those Kelpo Krunchies! But I can't do this alone, I'm going to get my best pal, Patrick!" Spongebob said enthusiastically. 

So Spongebob stopped the treadmill and walked to Patrick's house. It was only 7am and Spongebob knew he wasn't going to be up, but it was worth a try.

Knock Knock Knock!

Surprisingly Patrick did open the door! 

"Patrick! What are you doing up at this time?" Spongebob asked.

"Oh, I don't know actually!" Patrick replied.

"Well then, I was just wondering would you like to come with me to help save a bunch of tourists who had got stranded on Goo Lagoon at 4am?" Spongebob asked.

But when Spongebob looked at Patrick, he fell asleep.

"Ok then! I will go myself!" Spongebob said to himself. 

So Spongebob packed a bag of things he needs, said bye to Gary, and set off to Goo Lagoon.

"Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalallalalalal!" Spongebob was singing while he was walking. 

At about 10am he reached Goo Lagoon.

"Finally! Now I need to get over to that boat! But how?" Spongebob said.

Read next part of this adventure to find out if he can get to the boat

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