The Adventures of Spongebob

This story, is kinda like Where's Patrick...not really though...anyways...
As you know, Spongebob is a loving, kind and bubbly character. But in this story, he finds his "Inner Ninja"
Spongebob will face some decisions and some things that could change his life......FOREVER!!!

Hope you enjoy, remember to comment!


3. Goo Lagoon Here we Goo *continued*

"I have to find some way to get over there!" Spongebob kept saying while he was walking back and forth. 

Suddenly a lightbulb came above Spongebob's head.

" I have got an idea! I will swim across!" Spongebob said happily. 

So Spongebob jumped into the Gooey Lagoon and started using his arms hard out. It was so gooey you couldn't even kick your legs! 

"Eeeeek Ugh Grrrr" Spongebob was saying constantly, trying to get to the boat. 

Suddenly, he heard the noise of a shark. 

"Oh man! There is a shark! But I will not give up because people are counting on me and I am a ninja!" Spongebob was forcing himself. 

Back on shore, the whole Bikini Bottom were cheering on for Spongebob. Even Patrick was there! 

"Spongebob you can do it! I am sorry I couldn't come!" Patrick shouted out.

"Even we can't do that!" Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy shouted.

Finally, Spongebob reached the boat. 

"Help! Help! Help!" One of the people were shouting.

"I am coming!" Spongebob said. 

The boat was sinking. Fast. 

"I am coming!" Spongebob said, tiredly. 

Spongebob tried jumping up to grab the boat. But he was sinking too. 

"Help! I can't get up! I am sinking!" Spongebob said.



Keeping you distracted so you don't read what will die....literally...well i did...if you love spongebob so much like me.......:D :D :D :D :D :D :D 



"Help! I can't stay afloat!" Spongebob was slowly sinking down. He couldn't stay up.

Spongebob was gone. Forever.

Back at the shore, everyone was crying. 

"Spongebob is gone! He isn't coming back!" Someone shouted with tears. 

But suddenly out of the goo, Spongebob came out. 

"I have not died everyone! I am a ninja so therefore I should stay alive!" Spongebob said, triumphantly.

"He is alive!" everyone shouted.

Spongebob lifted up the boat with his ninja magic and took it back to shore.

"He did it!" someone called.

"He is a true ninja!" somone else said.

"I will always count on him!" a random person said. 

"Yay for Spongebob!"


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