The Adventures of Spongebob

This story, is kinda like Where's Patrick...not really though...anyways...
As you know, Spongebob is a loving, kind and bubbly character. But in this story, he finds his "Inner Ninja"
Spongebob will face some decisions and some things that could change his life......FOREVER!!!

Hope you enjoy, remember to comment!


1. Finding the Inner Ninja

One Fine Day, under the calm seas of Bikini Bottom, lived a Sponge. His name was Spongebob. While Spongebob was taking a stroll around town, he heard someone shouting. 

"Help! Help! I can't get up!" said the voice. 

"Someone needs some help! I will go and help! The voice is coming from Kelp Forest!" said Spongebob and ran off. When Spongebob reached Kelp Forest, he looked down the abyss. It was his best friend Patrick! " I will help you Patrick!!!" shouted Spongebob.

Inside his brain, half of it was saying "How are you going to get down there? Its deep, dark and TREACHEROUS!" The other side was saying. " He is your best friend! What can you do without him! Save him now! You have that inner ninja in you!"

So Spongebob took the right choice. He jumped onto one of the trees. He hopped to another. He was like a hopping maniac! 

When he reached the bottom, he saw Patrick sitting in the corner crying. 

"Patrick! How did you get here? Spongebob asks.

"It was all because of my triple chocolate mint strawberry crazycream kookies'n'kelpo vannila boysenberry gumdrop ice cream." Patrick said under one breath.


The Ice Cream

"I feel so hungry I don't even know what to eat! I just wish there was an ice cream truck because I  LOVE with icecream!" Patrick said. Patricks stomach was rumbling so much it sounded like a roaring lion in his stomach! Suddenly a man shouted, "Who wants ice cream? Every kid I know loves ice cream!" the man shouted.

Patrick heard the sweet melody of an ice cream truck and as he turned around he saw an ice cream truck.

"Yay!!!! Ice Cream!!!!" Patrick shouted, then races  to the ice cream truck. When Patrick got there, Patrick asked, "What flavours do you have?" 

"Well, we have Chocolate, Mint, Strawberry, CrazyCream, Kookies'n'Kelpo, Vannila, Boysenberry and Gumdrop," the man said. 

By the time the man finished, Patrick was dribbling out saliva. "I will have ALL those flavours please!"  Patrick said as he slurped the saliva back into his mouth. 

So the man scooped each flavour onto the cone. It looked  like the Eiffel Tower but taller! 

So Patrick walked towards the edge of Kelp Forest and licked his ice cream, happily. But suddenly, a gusty wind blew and toppled each and every scoop into Kelp forest. Not only the ice cream fell into the forest, Patrick did too! 


"Harsh, all because of that ice cream," Spongebob commented. "Well, I didn't come down here for nothing! Come on! Lets go back up!" Spongebob said.

"But...But..But how are we going to get back up?" Patrick asked worriedly.

"If I can get down, I can get up! Now, hold my hand Patrick, we will get up this together.

Spongebob is suppose to sound 'dramatic'

So Patrick grabbed onto Spongebob's hand and Spongebob did his ninja moves. He jumped from one tree to another, pushing all his force onto it. When they reached the top, a whole crowd of people were standing there and cheering. 

"He made it!" someone called.

"How did he do that?" someone else asked.

"It's magic squarepants!" some random person called.

"Wow, I never knew such a crowd would come along," Spongebob said. 

So Patrick eventually let go of Spongebob's hand and said, "Thank you, my best buddy in the whole wide ocean!" 

"You too!" Spongebob replied, then walked home with Patrick.

When Spongebob arrived home, he couldn't believe he climbed down and up Kelp Forest.

"How did I do that? Not even Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy can do that!" he thought to himself.

After a while, he went to bed. "Good night Gary!" Spongebob said, and turned off the light.

The next day, Spongebob was still confused on how he climbed up Kelp Forest. How did that happen? 

"It was probably a dream, I'll just forget about it when I'm at work," Spongebob said, and walked to work.

When Spongebob got to work, everyone said to him, 'Hey you are that Sponge who helped that dude get out of Kelp Forest!" 

"Wait.....I though that was a dream? Did that actually happen? Did I actually go down Kelp Forest?" Spongebob was confuzzled!  

"It was true!" someone in the crowd said.

"I saved Patrick from Kelp Forest! I am a Goofy Goober!!!" Spongebob shouted. Then he started singing the Goofy Goober Rock Song.

After a busy day at work, Spongebob walked home, happily. 

"I can't believe it! I actually did it! Mermaid man wouldn't even dare to do that! Well, Gary, another day has past but I wanted it to last!" Spongebob said to Gary, and hopped into bed and switched off the light.


End of Finding the Inner Ninja :) Read the Next part to find out if Spongebob uses more of his inner ninja  which would come out soon.....hopefully.....:)

 Quote - "Believe in yourself! Just Believe!" - Princess Mindy, From Spongebob Squarepants Movie.

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